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Kids Planet is a family-owned, award-winning group of 195 nurseries across the UK.

I’m Clare Roberts, CEO of Kids Planet and mum to three girls. Originally when I first set up Kids Planet in 2008, I was struggling to find childcare in my local area that had the flexible hours that I needed after just having had my first daughter, Isabelle. The job I had previously included lots of travel with early starts and late finishes and many local nurseries opened too late or closed too early for me to be able to consider them as an option.


Having decided to take voluntary redundancy at my current role, I convinced my father, who had previously been one of the owners of another nursery group, to start again and set up Kids Planet. We opened Warrington and Widnes that same year and followed these with settings in Beamont and Lymm in 2009. My sister, Lucy joined us a few years later as Childcare Director and it remains still, very much, a family business.

We recognise that a nursery can only ever be as good as the team who run it and at Kids Planet I think you’ll find some of the best most qualified people in the industry. It is important we achieve Outstanding provision in everything we do and having set up our own in-house Training Academy in 2018, we believe we are doing this by putting teaching and learning at the heart of it all.

Kids Planet are responsible for the care and education of over 29,000 children and are fully are committed to ensuring each child is given the best opportunities during their time with us. We are so committed in fact, that we have a happiness guarantee, meaning that our commitment to you comes with a money back guarantee. If you or your child do not love one of our Kids Planet or Kids Allowed settings, you can leave any time in your first 4 weeks, waiving your notice period.

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