Parent Key Worker Interviews

With roughly 1.5 million people working for the NHS across the country and 750,000 signing up to the recent COVID-19 call for volunteers, we wanted to talk to some of the many nursery parents we have at Kids Planet who are employed by the NHS about their experiences of the pandemic and working on the … Continued

Mental Health Staff Experiences

At Kids Planet we believe that everyone should thrive in the workplace. We try to be proactive and recognise that having a fulfilling job with purpose and lots of opportunities can be good for our team’s mental health and general wellbeing. We feel that by creating a culture that supports mental health through openness and … Continued

Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and here at Kids Planet, we are proud to support the wellbeing of both our children and staff. We introduced Mindful Moments throughout all our nurseries. It is a programme of lessons, stories and games to encourage our children to develop positive habits around mental health, from understanding how their … Continued

Growing your own fruit and veg this Spring

  Why should we grow our own vegetables? It is a fact! Children who grow their own vegetables and fruit are much more likely to enjoy eating it, in early and adult life. It is a great opportunity to encourage a sense of ownership and responsibility for creating and looking after the plot in the … Continued

KP’s Easy Easter Crafts

Decorated Eggs You will need: Some eggs in an egg box A safety pin A toothpick A straw A measuring jug or bowl Pens and other art materials to decorate   1. Sit an egg in the egg box to keep it steady. Carefully tap and make a hole in the top and middle of … Continued

How to keep your baby’s teeth healthy and decay free

As decay rates in some areas of the North West of England are more than twice the national average, we asked Helen Clint, an NHS dentist and Educational Supervisor in Liverpool about why baby teeth are so important and what are her best tips for looking after them.    Baby teeth matter and it is … Continued

Returning to work after having a baby

Returning to work after a period of maternity or paternity leave can be tough. Whilst you might look forward to finally finishing a hot cup of tea, there’s going to be some decisions to make and routine changes to consider. Here are our Kids Planet top tips for making the return to work as smooth … Continued

What is the EYFS and how do we prepare your children for school?

  At Kids Planet, we have an excellent reputation for the quality of our 3-5 years group. We deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and help prepare your child for school. But what is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)? The EYFS is a statutory framework setting out the standards for each child’s development … Continued

We’re getting creative! Child-led Christmas crafts

In light of recent staff training, many of our Nursery Managers at Kids Planet have been discussing how we produce Christmas cards, calendars and decorations for children to take home. Previously, the activities have been produced in an ‘adult-led’ way, with staff supporting children to create their Christmas crafts to bring home. We have been … Continued