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Discover the wonders of Kids Planet Nurseries in Chesterfield! Our nurturing environment and experienced team are dedicated to your child's happiness and development. With five different accessible locations, we provide personalized childcare and a diverse range of activities to inspire learning. Choose a Kids Planet nursery for a joyful journey of growth and discovery in Chesterfield.


Our day nursery in Chesterfield provides a supportive and inclusive environment where children can flourish. Our experienced educators create a nurturing space for children to develop essential skills and build meaningful connections.

Manager: Ami Mahon

Phone: 01246 488411


Address: Kids Planet Chesterfield, Elder Court, Chesterfield S40 1UT, UK

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At our day nursery in Newbold, we celebrate each child's unique qualities and foster a love for learning through engaging activities. With our play-based approach, children develop confidence and a strong sense of curiosity.

Manager: Natalie Oldknow

Phone: 01246 238826


Address: Kids Planet Newbold, Windermere Road, Chesterfield S41 8DU, UK

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Our nursery in Sheepbridge embraces a child-centred approach to education, inspiring creativity and imagination in young learners. With well-planned activities and resources, we create an environment where children can thrive.

Manager: Sarah Mycock

Phone: 01246 261642


Address: Kids Planet Sheepbridge, Foxwood Road, Chesterfield S41 9RF, UK

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Located in a beautiful historical building in Brampton, our nursery offers a welcoming and enriching space for children to learn and grow. With a strong emphasis on social and emotional development, we prepare children for a successful transition to school.

Manager: Debbie Stanton-Gimson

Phone: 01246 206 994


Address: Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield S40 3AD, UK

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North Wingfield

Our nursery in North Wingfield offers a stimulating environment for children to explore and discover. Our dedicated team supports each child's growth and development. Split over two levels, our daycare centre has three spacious rooms and two secure outdoor play areas.

Manager: Sophie Hoyland

Phone: 01246 852932


Address: The Green, North Wingfield, Chesterfield S42 5LQ, UK

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