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Welcome to Kids Planet Day Nurseries in Crewe! Our network of outstanding nurseries in the city ensures your child receives the best care and education. Our skilled educators create a supportive environment that encourages curiosity and growth. Join a Kids Planet nursery in Crewe to give your child a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning and success.


Located near Crewe, Haslington Nursery embraces a child-centred approach to education, inspiring a love for learning through engaging activities. Our caring team and inviting daycare facilities create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for your little ones.

Manager: Emma Williams

Phone: 01270 589429


Address: Kids Planet Haslington, Crewe Road, Haslington, Crewe CW1 5QX, UK

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Our nursery in Crewe offers a nurturing environment for children to explore and learn. With experienced educators and well-equipped facilities, including a large outdoor area and a sensory room, your child will thrive in a space that encourages curiosity and creativity.

Manager: Jo Cornish

Phone: 01270 505686


Address: Kids Planet Crewe, Sydney Road, Cheshire, Crewe CW1 5NF, UK

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Mablins Lane Nursery

Mablins Lane Childcare provides a warm and inclusive space for children to flourish. With a focus on building strong foundations in early literacy and numeracy, our preschool prepares children for future academic success.

Manager: Michelle Edmonds

Phone: 01270 258005


Address: Kids Planet Mablins Lane, Mablins Lane, Crewe CW1 3YR, UK

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Middlewich Nursery offers a caring and supportive environment where children can grow and thrive. Our experienced childcare educators create a nurturing space for children to develop essential skills and build meaningful connections in Crewe.

Manager: Amy Webster

Phone: 01606 834634


Address: Brooks Lane, Middlewich CW10 0JH, UK

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