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Discover Kids Planet Day Nurseries in Liverpool! With 15 convenient locations throughout the area, we provide a nurturing and engaging environment for your child's early years. Our passionate team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional childcare and education, prioritizing your child's well-being and development. Explore our nurseries in Liverpool and give your child the best foundation for lifelong learning.


Our day nursery in Fazakerley is located on the corner of Field Lane and Copplehouse Lane in Fazakerley. Our daycare centre near Liverpool features spacious play areas and bright classrooms designed to ignite imagination and encourage creativity.

Manager: Amber Salmon

Phone: 0151 293 0384


Address: Kids Planet Fazakerley, Field Lane, Liverpool L10 0AG, UK

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Greenbank Park

Located in the green spaces of Greenbank Park, our daycare centre a serene atmosphere for children to develop cognitive and social skills. With play-based learning and educational resources, we lay the foundation for their successful educational journey.

Manager: Abbie Crookall

Phone: 0151 733 4037


Address: Kids Planet Greenbank Park, Greenbank Road, Liverpool L18 1HQ, UK

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In Hoylake, our daycare centre embraces coastal charm, inspiring a love for learning with engaging activities and a dedicated team. Thrive in our secure environment with outdoor areas and a state-of-the-art sensory room.

Manager: Samantha Blair

Phone: 0151 632 4645


Address: Kids Planet Hoylake, Queen's Road, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 2AG, UK

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Located in Litherland, our day nursery offers a warm and inviting space where children feel at home while developing essential social and academic skills. Our dedicated team ensures a nurturing environment for your child's growth.

Manager: Alex Cullen

Phone: 0151 378 1314


Address: Kids Planet Litherland, Moss Lane, Litherland, Liverpool L21 7NW, UK

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Our Wavertree nursery embraces a child-led approach to learning, fostering independence and creativity. With a diverse range of activities and a nurturing team, we support your child's holistic growth from babies through preschool.

Manager: Julie Savage

Phone: 0151 7372174


Address: Kids Planet Wavertree, Heathfield Road, Liverpool L15 9HA, UK

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At our nursery in Crosby, we focus on nurturing each child's unique qualities while encouraging social interaction and confidence building. Our modern facilities with large outdoor areas and engaging activities ensure a well-rounded and happy learning experience.

Manager: Ruth Wills

Phone: 0151 931 3155


Address: Kids Planet Crosby, Liverpool Road, Waterloo, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 5TE

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Our day nursery in Ainsdale offers a delightful mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, providing ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. With a team of caring educators, your child's early years will be filled with joy, learning and a real family feel.

Manager: Laura Howard

Phone: 01704 570 800


Address: 3 Shore Road, Ainsdale, Southport PR8 2RF, UK

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Our day nursery in Halewood fosters a nurturing environment for children to grow and learn. With passionate educators and well-equipped facilities, we ensure holistic development. Enjoy outdoor play on our soft flooring, whatever the weather!

Manager: Nikki Weedon

Phone: 0151 486 2144


Address: 45 Higher Road, Halewood, Liverpool L25 0QG

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Knowsley Safari Park

Nestled in the grounds of Knowsley Safari Park, our daycare near Liverpool boasts a unique and exciting location. Here, children embark on an educational adventure, surrounded by nature and wildlife, under the guidance of our caring and experienced staff.

Manager: Stacey Mottram

Phone: 0151 426 6017


Address: Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot, L34 4AN

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At Kids Planet Kirkby, we foster a sense of wonder and curiosity, providing children with a range of enriching experiences. With a strong emphasis on early literacy and numeracy skills, we prepare your child for a successful transition from daycare to school.

Manager: Stacey Clarke

Phone: 0151 548 8801


Address: Richard Hesketh Drive, Kirkby, L32 0TZ

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Waverton House

Set in the scenic Waverton House, our nursery in the South Liverpool area offers a blend of traditional charm and modern learning resources. Our skilled educators nurture each child's development with care and attention.

Manager: Becky Moore

Phone: 0151 733 0199


Address: 41 Church Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 9ED

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Whiston Nursery

Located near the Whiston Hospital, our Whiston nursery provides a peaceful and stimulating environment for children to explore and learn. Our comprehensive curriculum and passionate educators create a strong foundation for future success.

Manager: Jenny Jones

Phone: 0151 426 2809


Address: 2 Sandstone Drive, Whiston, Prescot, L35 7NJ

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Kings Park Nursery

At our Kings Park day nursery near Liverpool, children explore, play, and learn in a dynamic and stimulating space. With personalized attention and a creative approach to education, we empower young minds to reach their full potential.

Manager: Joan Jobe

Phone: 0151 489 9999


Address: Puma Court, Kings Business Park, Knowsley, L34 1PJ

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With Southport's coastal beauty as our backdrop, our nursery fosters a love for learning through diverse activities and experiences. Flourish in our supportive, inclusive setting, catering to babies through pre-school, and enjoy secure outdoor areas.

Manager: Laura Bradnock

Phone: 01704 534855


Address: Manchester Road, Southport PR9 9BJ, UK

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At our well-established nursery in Wallasey, we provide children with a stimulating environment to explore and learn. With a focus on building strong foundations in early education, our nursery prepares your child for a bright future.

Manager: Jane Molyneux

Phone: 0151 5121046


Address: Kids Planet Wallasey, Wallasey Village, Wallasey CH45 3HA, UK

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