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10 January 2019

We live in a society where the care of children and the elderly are increasingly separated be it through distance or time.  As a result, opportunities for these two age groups to interact can be limited. Research shows that activities that include children and older adults in a daycare setting bring great assets, both physically and mentally, to both groups.

Recent studies highlighted improvements in children’s language development, increased reading skills, higher self-esteem and confidence as well as the development of empathy.  Many children enjoy attention from people who have time to listen and share stories.  And while some children don’t have elderly family members to interact with, evidence suggests those who do, show care when moving around them and are actively concerned for their well-being.

The benefits are twofold.  With many elderly people widows or widowers, life can become lonely. Having visits from children can help them feel like they are still part of a community, providing opportunities for them to socialise and communicate in a way they would not ordinarily do; boosting confidence and self-worth.  Numerous studies show social interaction cannot only decrease loneliness, a prevalent issue in our older generations but, can also delay mental decline as well as improve blood pressure and other health issues.

We’re pleased that many of our Kids Planet nurseries have developed relationships with local care homes and make regular visits to the residents.  On their last visit, our Congleton nursery met with residents from Bakers’ Villas Care Home where the children enjoyed drawing pictures together and sharing biscuits they had made at preschool.  In Widnes, some of the younger children visited Halton View Care Home joining in with Christmas carols and delivering a hamper to the delight of the residents. Recently, children from our Wallasey nursery visited Granville Court where children and residents painted each other’s hands to make hand prints ….a bit messy but lots of fun!

With the feedback our Nursery Manager’s receive, it’s clear there is a real sense of positivity around learning through generations and caring about each other.  If you would like to make links with one of our nurseries, please get in touch with your local nursery.  For details, visit Our Nurseries at






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