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Fun family tradition ideas


15 December 2022

Traditions play an important role in many families as a way to foster feelings of togetherness, security and joy. Whether that’s supporting your local community as a family unit, or honouring annual traditions in unique, fun ways. 

If you’re looking for fun activities and traditions to start with your family and want to learn why they’re important, we’ve shared our favourite tradition ideas with you.

What is a tradition?

A tradition is a repeated ritual or event that can help provide a sense of identity, build excitement and bring families closer. No two traditions are alike, as how a tradition is celebrated will change from family to family – that’s part of the fun of family traditions!

By recreating the same event, experience or activity once a week, once a month, annually or even around special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, you can build shared memories that get passed down for generations.

Traditions don’t have to be religious, cultural or big events. They can be personal and unique to you and your family and as simple as a secret handshake or a family chant. 

Why are family traditions so important?

Family traditions create positive, joyful memories and promote a healthy family culture. They can be used to reinforce family values, morals and beliefs and can be used as a tool to teach younger generations how to behave, how to respect one another and how to communicate. 

Passing family traditions down through the generations can help create a feeling of belonging, trust and deep connection amongst family members and can bring the family together. Family traditions can also help new family members, such as partners and adoptive and foster children feel welcomed into the family.

Tradition ideas for the whole family

You may already do a few of these without even realising! However,if you want to expand on your family traditions and explore new activities to do together, here’s our list of traditions that are suitable for the whole family:

Birthday interviews

Each year on your children’s birthday (or any other family member you’d like to include in this tradition), ask them a series of questions about their thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes to gain a greater sense of who they are and who they’re becoming. 

You can start this as early in their life as you’d like, and if you’re a tech whizz, you can compile them into one big video that can be watched in the years to come. Ask questions such as:

  • What is your favourite colour/animal?
  • How do you feel about turning X years old?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • What is your favourite cartoon/book?
  • What’s your favourite memory from the last year?
family games night

Family games night

Nothing can beat a family games night! This could be a fortnightly or monthly family tradition where everyone’s favourite snacks are laid out and a handful of games are chosen. Games can be changed depending on the age range and over the years you can introduce new, more advanced games.

Board games such as Connect 4, Twister and Jenga are ideal for younger children. Other ideal group games for young children include Pop Up Pirate and Hungry Hippos. And as the younger family members grow older, you can introduce new board games such as Game of Life, Monopoly and Pictionary. 

And there’s no need to stop with board games! If you’re a family of console gamers, consider a game of Mario Kart or Mario Party. The opportunities are endless – and so is the fun!

Appreciation box or question box

Using a question box or appreciation box is a fun way to start conversations, share love and find new ways of opening up and communicating with one another. Simply place a notepad or some sticky notes with a pen next to a bowl, tin or box and let your family know they can share their thoughts, questions or gratitudes. 

Make this a weekly or monthly tradition where each family member can choose a piece of paper from the box that can be read out to the rest of the family. This can be used as a way to spark discussion with a question or share something you love about a family member. 

If you don’t want to stick to just an appreciation box or question box, you could also encourage family members to share jokes or facts. 

Host a show and tell evening

Show and tell will likely be familiar for school-aged children but it’s a fun and thoughtful activity the whole family can participate in. Once a month, everyone can sit down with an item of their choice and they can share why they’ve chosen it, why it’s special to them and anything else they would like to talk about.

Parent and child quality time day

You’d dedicate an evening with your partner to reconnect, so why not reconnect with your child? Each month or each quarter, depending on your schedules, you can arrange a fun day out for just the two of you! 

This could be a day at their favourite play centre, a trip to the zoo or doing an activity such as pottery, painting or rock climbing! You can plan it together or it could be a surprise, but either way, having one-on-one time with your child will bring you both together, create lasting memories and help foster a sense of emotional security. 

parent child date

Photo of positive funny young husband school boy enjoying xmas time high five outdoors city fair.

Volunteer in the community

Spending time together to give to others is rewarding and helps to build ethics and morals. The best way to discover local volunteering opportunities near you is to search online or head over to and search using your town or postcode.

If you’re unable to find volunteer work for you and your family but would still like to give back to your local community, litter picking in your local park or at your local beach is a rewarding activity in which people of all ages can join in. 

And if this isn’t something that’s available to you, you could choose to have an annual clear-out of clothes, toys and other homewares that can be donated to your local charities. 

Setting annual family goals

This is a great tradition to set around significant holidays or yearly events, such as the first day of Spring, New Year and birthdays. Together you can set an annual goal which can be achieved as a team or set individual goals for each person. 

Setting family goals helps build a sense of togetherness and gives children a sense of responsibility within the family unit. You can make it fun and create a chart to track the progress of goals and set rewards and milestones. Goals could be::

  • Read X amount of books in a year
  • Play X amount of new board games in a year
  • Go on X walks per week
  • For the children to go up a grade
  • To do X amount of hours per week learning a new skill

How to keep traditions going

Now you’ve got a few new family tradition ideas, how do you ensure everyone’s enjoying them and you continue doing them? Our number one rule is to keep it fun and don’t put too much pressure on sticking to traditions. If you put too much pressure on holding a tradition, it will lose its magic and fun – for everyone!

Keeping an open mind can help keep traditions fun and fresh and allows them to evolve into truly unique, family-focused traditions and events that are specific to your family’s needs, interests and likes. 

How Kids Planet creates a sense of community within our settings

Much like family traditions, we believe community involvement also fosters feelings of responsibility, achievement and closeness with others. Encouraging these feelings is important for a child’s social and emotional development and we make sure to do as much as we can within our local communities!

Here are just some of the ways we support our local communities:

  • Delivering hamper boxes to local volunteer centres
  • Supporting families in need during financial difficulties, bereavement or long-term illness
  • Supporting the Keep Warm Warrington appeal
  • Supporting parents who choose to use reusable nappies

We believe it’s more important than ever to support our local communities and families and to encourage feelings of connectedness. Learn more about our involvement within the local communities here.


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