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First two nurseries complete Udeskole Accreditation!

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28 April 2023

We are delighted to reveal the first two nurseries at Kids Planet to complete their Udeskole accreditation – Appleton Thorn and Cheadle Stoke!

Udeskole is our very own nature-based approach which was launched last year. It has been inspiring to see so many nurseries embracing this new accreditation and embracing the great outdoors, day in, day out.

Here are a few words from Sarah Green about both nurseries…

Sarah Green, Midlands Udeskole Lead, said:

Cheadle Stoke have totally emersed themselves into the Udeskole Approach and have created an inspiring outdoor environment for their children and team. They have worked with the space that they have, and their vision has really come alive with effort, time and inspiring ideas. In particular, their natural garden – although you are only at the end of the driveway, once you are within that space – you feel away from it all, calm and one with nature!

The children are given the time and opportunity to explore, be creative and use their imagination through wonderful enhancements that link to the children’s interests and that allows them to lead their own play. They have a further vision to explore and have adventures away from the setting and they have strong parent in partnership goals with plans for a community planting and growing club which will allow parents, local community and staff to help themselves to the food that they grow.”

Appleton Thorn has a wonderful outdoor environment both within their grounds and a within a short walk into the local area. They have embraced the outdoors for all age groups and are demonstrating perfectly on a daily basis how beneficial it is for all of their children and staff to go on adventures and explore! Often linking these to the children’s interests. They are a team that takes the play and learning opportunities outdoors as much as they can, and this really shows through the children and their love for nature play!

They have a strong vision for their garden, working their way around each area to ensure they are developed to their full potential. They have built up their fire circle well and have now moved onto their next focus of a community gardening club, hoping to invite parents and grandparents to help support sessions. A really strong area for Appleton Thorn is their focus on wellbeing and they offer daily outdoor yoga sessions for all age groups.”

Congratulations both!

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