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How Kids Planet practices sustainability


2 May 2023

Practising sustainability means using resources that support the long-term wellbeing of the environment, economy, and society. It’s important because it helps us to protect the planet, create a better future, and meet the needs of present and future generations.

There are various ways we implement sustainable practices here at Kids Planet, from teaching the children about the importance of caring for the environment to the appliances we use in our settings.

Why is sustainability important to Kids Planet?

The most effective way to provide a greener future for our children is to educate them on the importance of sustainability, how to be sustainable and what it means to be environmentally aware. In practice, this encourages all our staff to lead a healthy lifestyle which in turn leaves our environment in a better state for the next generation.

Since 2021, the Kids Planet teams have been reviewing the best practices we implement that help combat climate change and looking at where we can improve to deliver a greener, more sustainable future for the next generation.

How does Kids Planet implement sustainable practices?

We’re always looking for ways to improve our sustainable practices, and we’re very proud of what we’re able to offer and achieve so far. 

Using natural and second-hand resources

Not only are wooden toys lovely to look at, but they also inspire children to use their imagination, promote creative play and offer a quiet alternative to battery-operated toys. Our nurseries are full of natural resources, all of which provide sensory benefits to the children’s learning and development, whilst having a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Many of our beautiful toys and resources are brought in by our generous staff, most of which have been found in second-hand shops and local charity shops. 

Supporting parents who use reusable nappies

Mossy Earth states that an estimated 8 million disposable nappies go to landfills in the UK each day, so it’s clear why eco-conscious parents are choosing to use reusable cloth nappies (and wipes, too). And not only are so many ending up in landfill, but they also contain about a cup of oil per nappy and take up to 500 years to decompose, all the while emitting harmful greenhouse gases.

Although we are an ‘all-inclusive’ nursery chain and pampers nappies are provided, we support parents who choose to use reusable nappies over disposable, and where needed, will train our staff on how to use and properly manage solid nappies. If this is something you implement with your children, talk to your local Kids Planet nursery to learn about our processes.

Using eco-friendly appliances where possible

We have a dedicated Maintenance Team that is always working hard to update our appliances and other electronics with eco-friendly alternatives. By implementing energy-efficient methods such as using LED light bulbs and turning off lights during the day, installing programmable thermostats and reducing water consumption where possible, we’re able to contribute towards making the planet a better place.

Encouraging staff and parents to participate

Where possible, we encourage our staff to lead by example by walking to work or using public transport rather than personal transport, using minimal single-use products such as paper towels and nappy sacks, and being a role model for the children by turning off lights after use and recycling. 

We have pram stores where parents can leave their prams in until they pick their children up again later on, to encourage families to walk to and from nursery.

Reducing food waste and waste management

When it comes to planning and prepping our menus, we make sure to use locally sourced, seasonal produce where possible and always make sure to only order what we use to minimise food waste. 

And when it comes to waste management, our Procurement Manager and Maintenance Team ensure that waste is kept to a minimum and is managed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Teaching children about the world

Educating children about our environment and why it’s important to care for it is one of the most effective ways we can invest in their future.

Implementing Udeskole in our settings

Udeskole is a Danish educational approach that translates to “outdoor school” in English. The Udeskole philosophy used in some of our nurseries emphasises learning through outdoor activities and nature experiences, with the belief that nature provides an ideal environment for children to learn and develop important skills.

With Udeskole, children spend a significant portion of their time learning and playing outside, engaging in activities such as exploring natural environments, observing wildlife, gardening, and participating in outdoor sports and games. 

The goal of Udeskole is to create a holistic learning environment that promotes physical activity, creativity, and social interaction. Whilst there are many benefits for children playing outdoors, we especially love how spending time outdoors helps children foster a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world.

Activities focusing on the environment

Our nursery practitioners plan and deliver a range of engaging and exciting activities for the children that focus on the environment and how to care for it. As well as supporting the children’s level of development, we are educating children about how we can all have a significant impact on the environment by making small changes.

Learning about the environment can help children develop empathy and compassion for other living things, including plants, animals, and other humans. This can lead to a more caring and compassionate society.

Offering recycling stations for older children

Children love to help out, and we often give our older children a sense of responsibility and autonomy by placing recycling stations in their rooms. This encourages them to not waste, and learn the benefit of recycling and looking after the planet, as well as encouraging good, tidy practices they can take home and to other settings.

Children who learn how to care for the environment are more likely to understand the importance of sustainable living, such as conserving resources and reducing waste. Teaching these skills early on can lead to a more sustainable future for our planet.

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Here at Kids Planet, we recognise the importance of caring for our planet for future generations and are committed to always improving our methods and settings to ensure we’re making a positive difference. 

Learn more about how we implement eco-friendly practices and lessons into the children’s everyday lives and find your local nursery.


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