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Kids Planet celebrates Pride month

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27 June 2022

As we near the end of Pride Month, we take a look at how our Kids Planet teams are raising awareness of LGBTQ+ and recognising that there is more than just one conventional ‘family’.

At Kids Planet, we strive to create and nurture an environment of inclusion within our nurseries and support teams across the country and encourage staff and children alike to be their authentic selves.

Many of our nurseries have been sharing what they have been up to for Pride month, including Haslington, Warrington, Lymm and Worsley. Kids Planet Haslington raised money for the LGBTQ community by hosting a fun Colour Run event, Warrington hosted a special ‘self-affirmation station’, and Worlsey hosted a Tots pride paint party.

Vicky Middlemast, parent of child at Kids Planet Sale, said the following after receiving support from the nursery:

“At the ages of 3 and 4, my kids have no concept of LGBTQ+ or straight. Their normal is having a mum and mummy. What makes me happy, is the amazing attitude we’ve seen in their nursery and we just hope it continues throughout their education.

Yesterday I picked up my older son and the staff told me how they all loved his Pride t-shirt (bought at Tesco) and had told him so, and our younger son had drawn a picture with him, mum and mummy. Both of these things might feel so small, but to me, they’re small gestures that really mean a lot.

I love that they’re not made to feel different for not having a mum and a dad. It helps familiarise LGBTQ+ parents for lots of kids in their nursery: “does Logan have two mummies?” is a question we get from kids at pick up that I’m always happy to chat to them about. It reminds me how fortunate we are to be raising our boys in the UK in the 2020s.”

We continue to embrace diversity and we understand the importance of celebrating this with the children in our care, in an effort to not just see the importance during Pride month, but day to day.








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