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Kids Planet prize winners at Lytham Club Day

Clifton Lodge

29 June 2022

On Saturday 25th June, Kids Planet Lytham Lodge, Kids Planet Shepherd Lodge and Kids Planet Clifton Lodge took part in the community annual Lytham Club Day procession. Children, staff and parents all came together to thank our local NHS workers for all their hard work during the pandemic.

Lisa Taylor, Area Manager at Kids Planet, said:

“Thank you to everybody who helped decorate the float and for making all the fabulous costumes. It truly was a magical day for all the families that took part.

This year’s theme was ‘Thank you NHS’ which really seemed to capture the hearts of the local community. A huge thank you goes to Threlfall’s for loaning us the float.”

The children thoroughly enjoyed their special ride on their lorry and had been planning outfits and how they wanted the float to look for weeks, and even won first prize for best dressed float, with trophy displayed at Lytham Hall.

We captured some quotes from the children, whilst they enjoyed sitting with their families and friends and waving to the crowds who cheered them on:

Harry Hardman aged 4 – Kids Planet Lytham Lodge “I came being a doctor and my mummy dressed in lots of colours like a clown”

Roxanne Cole aged 3 – kids Planet Clifton Lodge – “I liked all the people watching and waving to me.  I also liked the sweets and biscuits”

Daisy Morton aged 3 – Kids Planet Clifton Lodge – “I liked the paintings on the float and seeing all the people”

Nancy Mahoney-Stack aged 3 – Kids Planet Lytham Lodge – “I won toys at the fair”

Lily Stubbs aged 4 – Kids Planet Lytham Lodge – “I dressed up to say thank you!”

Ralphie Atkinson aged 3 – Kids Planet Lytham Lodge – “My mummy was a rainbow, and I was doctor.”

Ellie Binns aged 4 – Kids Planet Shepherd Lodge – “I liked sharing a packet of crisps with my friend, dressing up as a nurse and waving to all the people”

Benjamin Ainsley aged 4 – Kids Planet Shepherd Lodge – “It was my favourite. I liked all of it. The truck was the best”.

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