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Kids Planet Sing Along

Bluebell Lodge

25 October 2021

On Friday 22nd October, all the Kids Planet nurseries were invited to take part in a group sing-along to celebrate all the wonderful established Kids Planet nurseries and all the new acquisitions.

The children have been getting to know each other through writing letters and postcards and this sing-along is the perfect opportunity to come together and see each other on our interactive whiteboards and computers.

Singing promotes communication skills, brain development, wellbeing and makes you happy.  Singing out loud releases feel-good hormones called endorphins that make you feel happy and positive.  There is also a tiny part in your inner ear, called the sacculus, that releases even more happy hormones when stimulated by music.  So today we turned up the volume and joined in singing some of our favourite songs!

A huge thank you to Hannah Farman and Shann Ariza for hosting the sing-along.

Here are some of the nurseries practising the songs:

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