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Spa Day for Kids Planet Clayton


27 February 2023

Children at Kids Planet Clayton nursery have been pampered this week!

After arriving in their most comfortable and cosy clothes, the children were welcomed into their nursery day with a lovely natural face mask, and got the chance to explore different smells, fruits and textures throughout the day.

Supporting the whole nursery’s curriculum intent by promoting communication and language as well as personal, social and emotional skills, the children not only got to relax but they learnt some new words and ideas along the way.

There was also a hydration station with fresh lemon water for the children to access throughout the day, and relaxing spa music on and relaxing scents within the room.

The children even got to give the practitioners a massage; taking part by putting face masks on the practitioner and used the jade roller to massage it into the skin.

Jess Lawson, Manager at Kids Planet Clayton, said:

“We had a lovely spa day at Kids Planet Clayton, to promote children’s well-being! The children had a really relaxing day and slept well and all parents loved the idea and wanted to join in. The children especially enjoyed eating their face masks after use, made from avocado and honey! It was a great experience and also a lovely way to build bonds and friendships with peers and practitioners.”

Kids Planet Clayton opened its doors in 2017, the nursery is located in a easily accessible area of Bradford. The team are specifically chosen for their passion, commitment, skills and qualifications, and pride themselves in having a team that can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the children at the nursery.


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