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Getting creative! Child-led Christmas crafts


10 December 2019

In light of recent staff training, many of our Nursery Managers at Kids Planet have been discussing how we produce Christmas cards, calendars and decorations for children to take home. Previously, the activities have been produced in an ‘adult-led’ way, with staff supporting children to create their Christmas crafts to bring home.

We have been asking ourselves…why? Why does the calendar tab have to be in the centre of the picture? Why is the card folded neatly in half? Why does the footprint to make Rudolph perfectly centred with the eyes placed correctly as in the example below?

This year, we are taking a different approach. Inspired by training with Education Consultant, Alistair Bryce Clegg, children have been given the opportunity to create their own artwork, and to take part in activities. The difference is that it has been their choice to do it, and the work has been entirely child-led. They have been creating their own masterpieces! This might mean their card isn’t symmetrical, or the calendar is wonky, or they might not even want to take part in certain activities. Still, we feel that this approach has allowed children to create individual artwork and the freedom to explore the activity in their own way.

At Kids Planet, we want to encourage our children to be creative, independent learners and to get the most out of every opportunity. It has inspired us to think about WHY we do things and what our children get from the experience. This idea is also part of the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework which encourages practitioners to think about the Intent behind an activity, the Implementation of the activity, and the Impact this has on children’s learning.


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