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We’re going on an Autumn hunt…


14 October 2019

Whether for babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers, now’s one of our favourite times of the year to get out and about! The leaves are changing colours, the air is turning chillier and the sparkling of lights and tinsel are just around the corner. If you’re looking for things to do with your little ones this Autumn, we’ve put together some of our favourite nursery activities below.

 1. Pumpkin picking – it’s a popular October tradition in the US which is growing ever more popular here in the UK. Here’s our top tips for pumpkin carving with children:
• It’s messy work – lay down newspaper, have a bag of wipes and a bin bag at the ready!
• Paint don’t carve – less mess more fun Think glow in the dark stickers, glitter and Halloween patterns for ease.
• Use a little pumpkin rather than a big one which your little one might quickly lose patience with.
• Shun the traditional orange pumpkin and go for a watermelon – the insides are more likely to be enjoyed!
• Avoid pumpkins that are so heavy they’re difficult to lift – it might mean the thick walls are just too difficult to carve through.
• Choose an easy design – don’t get carried away on Pinterest!
• Use LED tea lights instead of a candle, much safer for your little ones!

2. Take a walk on a scavenger hunt
– Print out our favourite Autumn scavenger hunt here and see what you can find this month.

Make a sensory bucket – fill a bucket with pine needles, sticks and twigs, crispy leaves, seed pods and let your little one explore on their own.

3. Make a stained glass Autumn leaf print

– gather a range of different coloured leaves of varying shapes and sizes
– cut two pieces of wax paper to a4 size
– Lay down a towel
– Place one sheet of wax paper on the towel
– Sprinkle with crushed crayons
– Cover your creation with the second piece of wax paper and gently press with an iron. Turn off the steam function.
– Once cool, trim the edges so the pieces of paper stay stick togethers.
– Tape your creation to a window and you’ll be able to see the light shining through the melted coloured crayon wax.


4. Snuggle up with a book– so many lovely books to choose from but we especially love Room on the Broom, Stick Man and Pumpkin Soup at this time of year.


5. Make a hedgehog out of pinecones

6. Make a fingerprint leaf picture using all the lovely Autumn colours.

Use something like this template and finger print leaves.


As always, we’d love to see your Autumn creations so please share them with us on our social media page 🙂

Happy Autumn!


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