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What should my child wear to nursery?


31 January 2022

Children will get messy in nursery, it’s part of the fun and experience for them! They might come home with stains (food, paint, pen) for example from eating independently, or enjoying a paint slide! It’s these opportunities they probably wouldn’t get at home but they do in nursery so paint on clothes is worth it.

We do ask that for that reason, parents please ensure your child wears clothes that are practical and that you don’t mind getting a bit messy.

Comfortable clothes that are easy to get on and off would be most appreciated by your child and by the nursery staff, and we recommend just basic leggings/joggers for nursery clothes, something comfortable and easy to change into.

Age/stage appropriate

Three and four-year-olds should ideally have slip-on or Velcro shoes so they can be independent, and all children who are being potty trained or are potty trained should avoid dungarees. Also when children are toilet training, we recommend jelly-like sandals that can be easily cleaned after any little accidents as opposed to fabric trainers.

Dressing for the weather

It’s important to protect children from the harsh elements, with hats, coats and gloves in colder months, and sunhats and sun cream in sunnier months.

Most of our nurseries provide wetsuits to enable outdoor play in all weathers, and some provide a stash of wellies or recommend parents bring wellies in. Many of our nurseries also provide sun hats and sun cream but be sure to check with your nursery setting.

Label your items

We would definitely recommend labelling clothes, to reduce the risk of loss or misplacement. This is prevalent particularly with shoes and coats, as these quite often look the same or are the same brand. You can get some great name label stickers that can go in dishwashers and washing machines.

Change of clothes

We do recommend every child brings a spare set of clothes to nursery in case of accidents. Please ensure the bag is named, and be aware that we don’t allow plastic bags on children’s pegs, as these pose a health and safety risk. All new sign-ups get a small bag that is ideal to bring a spare set of clothes into nursery.

Kids Planet Uniform

We do have a nursery uniform that parents can choose to purchase (t-shirts and jumpers) that is available from the nurseries.



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