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What the Latest EYFS Updates Mean for Your Child


3 February 2022

The development and growth of your little one is Kids Planet Day Nurseries’ number one priority, and to ensure we’re doing the best we can to nurture your child, we ensure all our staff are fully trained and up to date with the latest EYFS framework. 

What is the EYFS framework?

The EYFS (early years foundation stage) is the framework used across England that sets the standard for learning and development in childcare for children from birth to age 5. All Ofsted-registered daycares and nursery schools are required to follow the EYFS, including childminders, preschools and school reception classes.

There are 4 key principles that underpin the EYFS framework and our practice. These are –

  • That every child is unique. They are constantly learning and are resilient, capable and confident.
  • That children learn to be self-assured and independent through strong, positive relationships.
  • That children develop and learn in enabling environments with guidance, teaching and support from adults, and their individual needs, interests and development is catered to by adults to help build on their learning.
  • Understanding that children develop and learn at different rates.

The EYFS framework considers all children of all abilities within the early years provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities. 

What are the EYFS September 2021 updates?

The EYFS update that was published in March 2021, and came into effect in September 2021, has been made to improve the overall learning and development outcomes for children whilst also reducing unnecessary paperwork so we can spend more time with your children. 

The educational programmes otherwise referred to as the ‘early years curriculum’, are the areas of learning and development which influence the activities and experiences that we plan for your child which shape and develop their understanding and progress across all ages and stages. 

There are 7 areas of learning and development in the EYFS, which are:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive arts and design
eyfs updates 2022

Literacy, numeracy and language development

In the most recent update, there is a specific focus on the development of early language and extending your little ones’ vocabulary. There is also a focus on strengthening literacy and numeracy understanding, ensuring all children have a good grasp of these areas in preparation for big school. Literacy learning will include reading, and encouraging a life-long love for reading, language comprehension and writing. 

This means, throughout our nurseries and daycares, we will be encouraging children to be more independent when choosing and reading books to help them develop their language skills and find their unique literacy interests. We will also be asking them questions about the book to help them develop their understanding and comprehension.

Writing, which closely relates to your child’s fine motor skills, will also be encouraged through new activities, such as writing in sand, with different tools such as paintbrushes and pens, as well as using workbooks specifically catered towards developing these specific skills.

Mathematical development

Alongside the understanding of language and literacy, mathematics will also be encouraged. This includes the understanding of shapes, spatial reasoning and measuring. 

This means we’ll be introducing new and interesting counting and numeracy activities and games to your little one’s day at nursery to help promote a love for maths at an early age.

Understanding the world and expressive arts

Both understanding the world and expressive arts will be a greater part of your children’s day to day life at nursery. Understanding the world will be encouraged by experiencing new situations, exploring new environments and learning the world through conversation.

Expression through art and design will be encouraged to help children develop their artistic and expressive skills whilst also working on their individual identity. 

As always, our practitioners are passionate about your child’s development and seek to find new and interesting ways to explore these learning objectives for your child. 

EYFS changes to safeguarding and welfare

There have been some minor but significant changes to the safeguarding and welfare section to the EYFS which focuses on the promotion of good oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene habits can be challenging to encourage your child to start and maintain, yet it is a crucial aspect of your child’s health and wellbeing. With the new focus on the promotion of healthy teeth and gums, your child will better pick up and maintain good oral hygiene habits and understand why they’re important.

This means across our nurseries and daycare centres, we’ll be talking to your children about the importance of brushing their teeth and the effects eating too many sweet treats can cause. 

Not only will we be talking to them, but we’ll be introducing them to new games and activities, books, songs and dances! 

children playing in a nursery

Continuing the learning at home

We understand that sometimes continuing this learning at home can be difficult, and games and activities can quickly become stale for both you and your child. Here are our current favourite activities to do with your children that you could do at home.

Removing germs from teeth

Encourage your little one to brush their teeth and understand the importance of brushing in this fun activity for ages 2+.

On a laminated image of a smiley mouth, draw on germs and plaque using a whiteboard pen. Explain to your child what these nasties are and using a toothbrush, encourage them to brush the germs away!

Investing in new books

Books are a great way to expand your children’s vocabulary and love for literacy. Consider attending a book swap, or swapping books with friends and family to invite variety into your children’s book collection.

There are also book with audio counterparts which can encourage your child to read on their own, following the audiotapes lead. 

Getting artsy and crafty

The seasons will soon be warming up and this means new opportunities to go outside so you and your child can forage for sticks and leaves to create nature-inspired arts and crafts.

A fun activity is to help your child create their loved ones using sticks, leaves and anything they may find in the garden! This can be done on paper, or on the floor for endless fun.

To enquire about your child starting their journey with Kids Planet Day Nursery, find your local nursery and get in touch.


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