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‘Your Day, Your Way’ – flexible childcare for parents


15 May 2023

‘Your Day, Your Way’ – flexible childcare for parents!

It’s a situation many parents who work shift patterns or unusual hours will have found themselves in- you’ve received your upcoming rota and realised it’ll be difficult to drop off your child at nursery during the regular hours, let alone pick them up on time. Unless your partner or a family member can step in, this can quickly become an issue.

The trend of having two parents in full-time work has increased over the last two decades, making childcare outside of the family unit increasingly important. However, with many people in jobs that require working shift patterns, unsociable hours, or a commute to and from the office, finding a nursery that offers a flexible, sympathetic approach that accounts for these factors, is paramount- but can be difficult to come by.

At our Kids Allowed nurseries, we’re giving parents a helping hand when it comes to juggling childcare and work hours through our, ‘Your Day, Your Way’ scheme.

The scheme is specifically designed to help parents who work unconventional hours or who do not know the hours they will work consistently every week, such as NHS staff, contractors, or construction workers.

Flexible hours

Parents can choose from either a half-day session which is a morning or afternoon (minimum of 4.5 hours, maximum of 6 hours), or a full day session which is a minimum of 9 hours, maximum of 11 hours. There is also a set time pattern of 9.15am – 3.30pm– a short day -which benefits families of children at school.

Parents can email the nursery and swap hours around in advance, for example adding on extra time to one day, or arranging an earlier drop off. There’s a small fee to swap full days, but parents won’t lose out on the bulk of the price they’ve paid for childcare that day.

If they have any additional hours than those they’ve already paid for, the updated bill will just be reflected in their invoice at the end of the month, meaning that parents can change their child’s hours in childcare to fit their own schedule.

Flexible childcare near me

The Kids Allowed settings are based in and around the Greater Manchester area, and are Kids Allowed Altrincham, Kids Planet Trafford City, Kids Allowed Cheadle Royal, Kids Allowed Stockport, Kids Allowed Knutsford, Kids Allowed Christie Fields, Kids Allowed Macclesfield, and Kids Allowed MFT South.

Places now available, get in touch with the nursery to find out more!


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