The staff are so friendly, warm and caring and my daughter loves going there. She always runs straight to staff. She has come on leaps and bounds with language and social skills.
Lorraine T
Since the nursery has been taken over it is clear that Kids Planet are developing the nursery for the better. The nursery has been redecorated and the rooms have become one room rather than separate areas. With the introduction of the app, I can now see pictures of my little one and what they have been up to every day. The team there are great, especially the key workers, and provide feedback at the end of each day and are happy to help with anything.
Sarah H
Over the past 8 years the staff at nursery have cared for both my children, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. The nursery offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, as well as outings to the local park, shops, library, etc to develop life skills. In pre-school my daughter also enjoys the additional classes such as dance, football, PE and science. The staff are wonderful with the kids, who work hard to provide a caring and safe environment. I'll be sad to say goodbye in September when my daughter starts school!
A fabulous nursery for babies through to preschool with excellent staff. My eldest child was here from 8 months old until leaving to start school, and loved every second. My 12 month old has been here for 3 months and has come on leaps and bounds already.  The rooms are large and spacious and the children do a wide variety of activities to encourage their physical, mental and social development.  The meals are well varied, nutrious and cooked fresh each day in the nursery they also smells delicious. A great environment for children.
My son has been to this nursery for 5-6 years. Amazing staff, very helpful. Children are well looked after. My daughter now attends and we have no issues whatsoever. I know if there were they would be resolved.
Alisha T