This is a fantastic nursery and my son loves to attend daily. The settling in process was lovely and I felt really reassured he would be absolutely fine once I left him, and this is still the case when I leave him to this day. The team are all wonderful and everybody is so friendly.
Samantha B
Excellent Nursery! Lovely and welcoming nursery staff. My son settled very quickly despite only having 15 hours a week. They have a great range of activities planned each week which keeps him engaged and entertained. They have been very helpful with my son's learning difficulties. Overall very happy with my choice of nursery and would definitely recommend it to everyone.
Your biggest asset is the staff. You truly have a fantastic set of people and they are clearly happy to be there as everybody stays, which just adds to the value of the nursery.
You provide such a warm, loving environment which supports and encourages individual personalities to flourish.
"It goes without saying that myself and Simon have always been thoroughly happy with the care, provision and management all your staff have provided for our three boys, it is the end of an era and we are sad that we will no longer be coming to nursery. Your staff are wonderful. We are truly grateful to all the staff who have nurtured our boys into who they are today, we are very lucky and we do wish you all the very best for the future”.
Lovely atmosphere …very professional and friendly staff….4 weeks in and my daughter absolutely loves her time here.
The staff are all excellent and always go above and beyond for the children and their families.