All the staff have been nothing short of amazing and have a beautiful bond with my son he is moving on to a school nursery, I thank you all for the time and help with James.
James’s mummy
Since my girls have been attending Kids Planet Fazakerley, they have come on leaps and bounds. The nursery have fully supported my little girl, who has Autism and I couldn't be more thankful. They are a fantastic nursery, with even better staff. I highly recommend to all.
This is the best nursery I have ever come across. The support and patience of everyone is amazing. I will forever hold this place close to my heart and so will Kalel.
Kalel’s mummy
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Lindsay and Tom, Steph and Courtni, Zoe and Emma and all the other staff at Kids Planet who contributed and cared for Tony during his time there. It took him a while to settle down, but he got there in the end thanks to all of your support and encouragement. I was dreading him starting Reception as I thought it would be another lengthy process in getting him settled. He started yesterday and has settled in so well already, he stayed for a full day and absolutely loved it and has gone in again today with no tears or worrying. Without all of your help I don’t think this transition would have been so easy for him. Thank you all so much, although he didn’t have long at Kids Planet it has proved to be such an important part of his personal development. We will be forever grateful for everything you have done for him and for us too.
Tony’s mummy
Harry has been with Kids Planet Fazakerley since he was 9 months old. Leaving your child to go back to work is difficult to say the least. However, the staff at Kids Planet were on hand to help, always greeted with smiles and cuddles. Harry has made some close bonds with certain members of staff (Joanne and Rachel) and is happy when he arrives at nursery. This is testament to the time and effort the staff put in with the children and as a result special bonds are formed and nursery becomes a home away from home. This is all that you can ask for as a parent. Harry's time with Kids Planet hasn't been issue free, however any issues have discussed and plans put in place where necessary. Management are always available to listen and talk through any concerns that you may have as a parent. The staff at Kids Planet have played a huge role in Harry's development. Harry's speech, coordination, attention span has come a long way in the 9 months he's been at nursery. He is eager to learn through play and even started learning sign language! We are grateful for the personal touch the staff offer at Kids Planet and making Harry feel at home.
Harry’s mummy
Thank you for all your care and attention for the time she has been under your care, she has thoroughly enjoyed her time with you all.
Michelle Bennett
All three of my children have attended Kids Planet Day Nurseries - Fazakerley and I can honestly say it's an amazing nursery. The staff work so hard and are wonderful with the children and parents alike. Their experience, knowledge and devotion shine through every day. My children have all had enjoyable, positive experiences in this setting and it's definitely helped their development. My youngest gets to do things in nursery that I can't do at home and has a lovely time with her friends and a bond with her key worker that gives her confidence and security. I could never thank the staff enough for all they do for my children.
We have had children at the nursery for over 4 years and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff. Both our daughter Ava and Jack have always enjoyed going to nursery and we believe the staff have contributed massively to their development. We will miss you all.
Ava and Jack’s Mummy
Cara has just turned 3 years old. She started at Kids Planet 'The Cottage' at the age of 10 months old. When Cara was 4 months old she was diagnosed with a rare condition called lissencephaly. This results in Cara having significant development delay and complex needs. Cara is not able to sit or walk, not able to pick up toys and she is peg fed. Cara is very alert, she loves company and to be entertained, she relies totally on support of others to be involved in activities and play. When I was due to return to work from maternity leave it was a difficult time for us to be able to find a nursery setting that both we would feel comfortable to leave Cara in view of her complex needs and to find a nursery that were prepared to take Cara into their setting. From the minute I contacted Kids Planet Fazakerley to arrange an initial visit I was greeted by friendly, helpful staff. Nothing has been too much. The staff were not at all phased about Cara's diagnosis or needs. The staff and management have been very supportive. They have ensured staff are trained to meet Cara's needs and they have worked with her therapists to implement individual development needs and goals. Cara is very happy in the setting and is content. Myself and her dad both feel comfortable leaving Cara at the nursery knowing she is well cared for by the staff that know her well.
Cara’s mummy
Would just like to say this menu looks absolutely amazing! I have friends who have children in different nurseries and they complain so much about the food they feed the children, I always recommend Kids Planet to everyone!