Nursery is a refurbished place, so it looks fantastic from both outside and inside. I like the gardens for children and the idea to go out whatever the weather. Especially the times when parents don't have enough time to take children out.As soon as children get in, they find a lot of interesting things to do. I can see that you really care about the children and their development. My son even stopped sleeping there because there is so much to do.All the staff working there are really friendly, helpful and caring. You are doing a fantastic job considering that every child is different with their own personalities.My son is very happy there and as far as he is happy, I am happy."
Aaron’s mummy
"We love the tots room and all of the staff – couldn’t ask for more for my little one. It’s such a gorgeous feeling to see her go off with a smile … she’ll sometimes put her hands out to go to the staff even when I’m holding her, says it all really!Incredibly accommodating and extremely sensitive and attentive to religious/cultural needs".
Banay family
"I think the baby room is really colourful, inspiring and welcoming. It’s safe for babies to go and wonder and explore. Fabulous facilities and lovely staff".
Rubinstein family
"Lots of things to play with and a good outdoor space".
Barlow family
"I feel very lucky that Louis attends here, he is coming on in leaps and bounds!"
Davies family
"There is such a wide variety of activities available all in a safe and clean environment".
Khan family
"Staff are always welcoming and go the extra mile, they genuinely care".
Scully family
"The room is large with lots of toys and resources. The children have open access to outdoor play and the key workers are very welcoming and friendly".
Bevins family
"My son joined the Kids Planet nursery in January 2015. Thanks to a friendly and accommodating staff and wonderfully stimulating environment he settled in very quickly. He loves to come to the nursery where he can freely explore superb selection of toys and games and join in, in more structured activities offered, such as reading books together, counting, phonics activities which are varied and changed on a regular basis.I love the fact the nursery uses every opportunity to stimulate children and teach them new things. Simple idea of placing numbers on steps, prompts my son to count them on the way up and down from the preschool room. This is how you accomplish the idea of 'learning through play' and there are many more examples of that through the nursery setting. Highly recommended.P.s Communication between nursery and parents is exceptional."
Robbie’s mummy
"We feel that we picked a good nursery for Isla. If you are looking for engaging and friendly staff who genuinely care for your children and take excellent care of them then this nursery is perfect!"
Szubert family