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Honestly, we can’t thank all of them enough [...] your care has helped Livi become the independent, vocal, fun and loving child that she is. Livi is the 3rd and final of our daughters to go through a nursery system and we couldn’t have had a better experience than we have had this time around.We would like to thank you, Debs and everyone else who have been so accommodating towards our religious and dietary needs.  We have been truly delighted with everything you have done, the efforts you have gone to and we hope that actually that has resulted in a wider number of people from the Jewish community coming and using the nursery.  We hope that continues in the future.  It has been a please to see Livi get to experience, on her level, the different cultures and religions within the nursery most recently with the Christmas and Chanukah concert – she hasn’t stopped singing.Thank you again for everything.  We will continue to share our wonderful Kids Planet experience with friends as they look for somewhere to send their little ones.
Livi’s family
"There is a lot of choice of toys for the children to play with and also a computer. It is all state of the art! 100% pleasure to send my son here".
Casasola family
"My son joined the Kids Planet nursery in January 2015. Thanks to a friendly and accommodating staff and wonderfully stimulating environment he settled in very quickly. He loves to come to the nursery where he can freely explore superb selection of toys and games and join in, in more structured activities offered, such as reading books together, counting, phonics activities which are varied and changed on a regular basis.I love the fact the nursery uses every opportunity to stimulate children and teach them new things. Simple idea of placing numbers on steps, prompts my son to count them on the way up and down from the preschool room. This is how you accomplish the idea of 'learning through play' and there are many more examples of that through the nursery setting. Highly recommended.P.s Communication between nursery and parents is exceptional."
Robbie’s mummy
"I would like to thank you for all your help and taking time and consideration to listen to our concerns. My husband and I feel much more reassured that Evy's experience at Kids Planet will continue to be a great one. I would also like to thank you for acting so quickly and with consideration in reassigning Evy's key person from Donna to Hanna. You and your staff's actions to put a child's needs and parents' concerns first is definitely why your nursery is an outstanding one.I am very grateful to all your staff, especially to Donna and Hanna - Donna, when Evy first started and for continued support and Hanna during Easter holidays".
Evy’s mummy
"We feel that we picked a good nursery for Isla. If you are looking for engaging and friendly staff who genuinely care for your children and take excellent care of them then this nursery is perfect!"
Szubert family
The moment I saw Kids Planet open in Prestwich in 2012, I knew it was one of the best out there. Every time I'd drive past I would dream of putting my child in this setting if and when I did have a child at that time of course.My son was born in year on 2013 and at 18 months I decided to place him in nursery. I went onto the Kids Planet website and found there was new one opening in Higher Broughton - I didn't hesitate. My son loves it here, the staff are brilliant, very friendly and of a caring nature. The resources are outstanding and the nursery is brighter, modern and clean.
Abdullah’s mummy
I am besotted with the staff in the baby room. They are absolutely great - efficient, kind, gentle and they also promote learning and I often get updates about things Sebi has done and things they are working on with him for improvement (eg finding his own nose!). He’s come on so much in 4 months - he eats much better and is generally more independent.He can’t wait to go in the morning and once he sees his key worker he smiled and reaches out for her. I have no concerns at all and can relax once I’ve left him there - being at work is stress free as I know he’s fine"
Sebastian’s mummy
"The room is large with lots of toys and resources. The children have open access to outdoor play and the key workers are very welcoming and friendly".
Bevins family
Nursery is a refurbished place, so it looks fantastic from both outside and inside. I like the gardens for children and the idea to go out whatever the weather. Especially the times when parents don't have enough time to take children out.As soon as children get in, they find a lot of interesting things to do. I can see that you really care about the children and their development. My son even stopped sleeping there because there is so much to do.All the staff working there are really friendly, helpful and caring. You are doing a fantastic job considering that every child is different with their own personalities.My son is very happy there and as far as he is happy, I am happy."
Aaron’s mummy
"I think the baby room is really colourful, inspiring and welcoming. It’s safe for babies to go and wonder and explore. Fabulous facilities and lovely staff".
Rubinstein family