Bee Inspired | Kids Planet Buys 'Bee Inspired'

"There is a lot of choice of toys for the children to play with and also a computer. It is all state of the art! 100% pleasure to send my son here".
Casasola family
"I think the baby room is really colourful, inspiring and welcoming. It’s safe for babies to go and wonder and explore. Fabulous facilities and lovely staff".
Rubinstein family
"Lots of things to play with and a good outdoor space".
Barlow family
"Staff are always welcoming and go the extra mile, they genuinely care".
Scully family
"They are improving very nicely. They love to go to nursery, they like the nursery, improved their speech, they are much more self-supporting in several things, for example eating, drinking, take their coat off, playing etc.They have learned a lot of songs. We are happy we chose you and your nursery and we will recommend you to our friends."
Aurel and Dalma’s parents
"We are really pleased with how quickly Tristen has settled into nursery. Although we appreciate he can be quite clingy and wanting adult attention, it is really reassuring to be able to leave with him smiling sat at breakfast with a member of staff. Similarly, it is lovely to collect him and be able to see for a few minutes how he is when he doesn’t realise that we are there.Tristan seems to have quickly built up positive, happy relationships with all of the staffWe really appreciate and feel comfortable with the way you have responded and support Tristan with his medical needs and we are happy leaving him in safe and caring hands. Thank you!"
The Campbell family
"Thank you to all in the baby room. knowing that she is loved and well cared for keeps me at work as if I was worried about her being in nursery I would give up work in an instant! Big vote of confidence!"
Torkamani family
"There is such a wide variety of activities available all in a safe and clean environment".
Khan family
"I would like to thank you for all your help and taking time and consideration to listen to our concerns. My husband and I feel much more reassured that Evy's experience at Kids Planet will continue to be a great one. I would also like to thank you for acting so quickly and with consideration in reassigning Evy's key person from Donna to Hanna. You and your staff's actions to put a child's needs and parents' concerns first is definitely why your nursery is an outstanding one.I am very grateful to all your staff, especially to Donna and Hanna - Donna, when Evy first started and for continued support and Hanna during Easter holidays".
Evy’s mummy
"The staff in the baby room are wonderful, welcoming and inclusive. They genuinely care. Our son has always been safe and happy in babies and we know this will still be the case in tots".
Campbell family