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I would like the nursery to know how thankful we are that Lily has been taken care of by such a special group of people since she started at nursery. Everyone who has cared for Lily has done so in an incredibly compassionate way, keeping us informed of her progress and development at nursery all the way through.We gave up on the idea of being parents after trying for 7 years. When Lily was born it was a huge adjustment and letting go of her to nursery was so difficult.Nicola comforted me the first day I left Lily and I'll never forget that. I've thanked her personally, but I wanted you as a manager to know how much that meant. She is so kind towards Lily and Lily talks about her a lot.Carole has been like the extra Grandparent that Lily is missing- always interested in how we are, positive and uplifting and I've always felt safe leaving Lily to go to work knowing she will be comforted and encouraged. Lily is hopefully going to be seeing Carole outside of nursery because we trust her to babysit due to her qualities.Amy has shown such love and kindness to Lily who is naturally a very timid little girl. Amy has connected with her silly personality and brought her out of her shell. She has shown great patience to me as an anxious mum, particularly as Lily has been unwell so often. I don't forget the phone call of concern when Lily had been taken in to hospital.I've only known Charlie for the shortest time, but what I can see is someone who Lily feels safe with and someone who genuinely loves working with children.You have a wonderful team and Lily will miss being with them. 
Fran and Ash Redding and Grandma Irene
My sons are very happy at kids planet nursery. They take part in plenty of enhancements such as swimming, Actiphons, baking and nature walks. The nursery also involves parents and keeps us informed about their learning. It has great facilities and the staff are very friendly and approachable.
My eldest boy has just started school and Kids Planet Preston (formerly Newlands) has given him everything he needs to succeed! He loved nursery and as such I had no hesitation in signing my youngest up. Joey loves nursery, his careers and all the staff who are always so friendly and welcoming he recognises them all. And I am reassured knowing how well he is cared for and helped with all areas of his development. Thank you.