Lovely nursery with friendly staff. My 18 month old loves attending. Great outdoor space and lots of activities for her to do.
"Holly has been with you since January and in that time she has been nothing but happy! In fact she beams with happiness as we pull up in the car park each morning, she excitably bounds in to Tots room smiling and raring to begin her day with you! It's reassuring to me and makes my day! ALL your staff are wonderful! (Although we miss Kayleigh, Iram and Julia!) I think Sam, Lucy, Hayley and Trina are stars! Thank you for nurturing my little girl's character, helping her flourish!"
Holly’s Mummy
"Both my twin daughters are sick at the minute with hand, foot and mouth. It is heart breaking for a mother to have to send her children to child care when they are ill and I am constantly guilt ridden that I should be at home taking care of them myself. I came to pick them up on Friday to find Natalia had a high temp, medicine had been given as I had authorised but she was stripped to her nappy wrapped in a blanket cuddled into Megan's arms it was absolutely beautiful to see that special kind of treatment being given I was overwhelmed and wanted to inform you how excellent your staff are as I'm sure you already know!!! But as a mother it means so much to feel so content that your children are looked after like you would do at home and it means more than the thanks I can put in this email. It was pouring down with rain but as always Lydia never phased to offer to help me t my car with them both she truly is special with them and I always thank all the staff for looking after them. They deserve the highest praise and thanks. I will always email you when I see excellent practise and praise the individuals involved because I'm a firm believer in highlighting excellent practise and conduct any anything else should be managed face to face. Thank you especially Jess, Megan, Lydia, Jamie-Lee and Lucy but all the staff are fantastic love Niamh and Natalia xxxxxxx"    
Niamh & Natalia’s Mummy
"This has been a good experience for Aleesha. She is always happy at nursery and enjoys going outside. She has been progressing well and this is a good reflection of the staff in the tots room. This is a big relief knowing she is happy and settled."
Pillay family – Tot room
Our daughter has been at Kids Planet since she was ten months old. She is now approaching pre-school. At every stage, we have found the staff to be caring, proactive and committed to providing our child with the best possible environment. They always treat her as an individual, move at her pace and have been happy to adapt to her needs - for example, separating different food groups on her plate when she was going through a fussy eating phase and then helping her to move back to mixed foods again. They genuinely like the children in their care. We often think about how glad we are that we chose this nursery.
Claire S
"Thanks for looking after my George so well for the last 2 years and for keeping him so happy! I know George has many fond memories of toddlers and preschool and tells me many funny stories."
Vicky Clarke
Dear Jamie Lee and all staff at Kids Planet Prestwich, It is a big day for us today as Florence finishes nearly four years with you at Kids Planet and we wanted to take the opportunity to thank every member of staff that has cared for and inspired Florence on her journey through nursery. Flo started in the baby room at seven months and was cared for brilliantly by the Baby Room Team. Alison and Laura looked after her with such care and attention and I think it was also at this point she made a friend in Liz! Liz made a special bond with Flo and Flo still runs up to Liz for a chat and cuddle whenever she can! This is the special thing about Kids Planet Prestwich. Your staff don't just do their bit and see the child move on buy they care for them and invest in them from the moment they start and every day thereafter...
Flo & Molly’s Mummy
"I feel that since my daughter started in August she has made great progress and development, especially her social and eating skills. Eating with the other children has helped her a lot and we often see 'eaten all' on her daily sheet."
Carmichael family – Baby room
"Thank you so much for looking after me and teaching me. I will remember you always!"
Emily and the Tongue family
"Thank you for looking after Myles. All your help and hard work has been appreciated. I couldn't have asked for better staff and environment."
Myles and family