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Our daughter has just turned 1 and has attended for the past 4 months. We were unsure as to where to send her, thought Kids Planet would be too 'big' for her in terms of numbers of children and her young age, however, we were wrong. The manager knows the name of every child and the whole place has a great feel. Our daughter loves the staff members and they have a great understanding of her developing personality and what she likes to do, and really help her thrive.Choosing childcare when you return to work is tough, but I would definitely recommend considering this place. I can see why it received an Outstanding from Ofsted and for our highly sociable 1-year-old, it was absolutely what she needed.
Sarah G
"I feel that since my daughter started in August she has made great progress and development, especially her social and eating skills. Eating with the other children has helped her a lot and we often see 'eaten all' on her daily sheet."
Carmichael family – Baby room
"Nate has settled in and enjoys preschool so much because of the range of activities. Things like the yoga sessions and thoughtful planned activities seem to keep his attention and stop him being bored. The messy play is great too!"
Sloan family
"Both my twin daughters are sick at the minute with hand, foot and mouth. It is heart breaking for a mother to have to send her children to child care when they are ill and I am constantly guilt ridden that I should be at home taking care of them myself. I came to pick them up on Friday to find Natalia had a high temp, medicine had been given as I had authorised but she was stripped to her nappy wrapped in a blanket cuddled into Megan's arms it was absolutely beautiful to see that special kind of treatment being given I was overwhelmed and wanted to inform you how excellent your staff are as I'm sure you already know!!! But as a mother it means so much to feel so content that your children are looked after like you would do at home and it means more than the thanks I can put in this email. It was pouring down with rain but as always Lydia never phased to offer to help me t my car with them both she truly is special with them and I always thank all the staff for looking after them. They deserve the highest praise and thanks. I will always email you when I see excellent practise and praise the individuals involved because I'm a firm believer in highlighting excellent practise and conduct any anything else should be managed face to face.Thank you especially Jess, Megan, Lydia, Jamie-Lee and Lucy but all the staff are fantastic love Niamh and Natalia xxxxxxx"  
Niamh & Natalia’s Mummy
My twin daughters have attended Kids Planet part time from age 2, starting in Toddlers. Every single member of staff are accommodating, polite, caring and go out of their way to make my children feel welcome. They have a fantastic team from management to kitchen staff to nursery nurses. The facilities are brilliant offering a wide range of activities to keep my children engaged. They use an online portal to keep parents updated on meals, developmental progress, observations including pictures which I can log onto at any time and see what my children have been up to. My children are currently in Pre School which they love. The team are fantastic and go above and beyond. They have come on leaps and bounds during their time at Kids Planet and are now ready to start their next chapter at school.
My 3 year old son has attended the nursery since aged 7 months. I remember then being really apprehensive about leaving him in the care of others, whilst I was at work, but the staff at the nursery immediately put me at ease. In the way that they speak to my son and the way that he is supported on a daily basis, it is clear to see that they genuinely care about him. He has made so many close bonds with particular staff members and key workers during his time at the nursery. What is telling is that I know he'll be devastated to have to have to leave next year for school. I really would recommend Kids Planet - Prestwich highly. They've assisted my son and us as parents with many milestones and continue to support us with our son's individual development goals. I am so confident in the care that they provide that our second child is due to start with them in September and I know I can feel at ease during the difficult transition of returning to work because he will be receiving great care.
Danielle L
"Thanks for looking after my George so well for the last 2 years and for keeping him so happy! I know George has many fond memories of toddlers and preschool and tells me many funny stories."
Vicky Clarke
This nursery is absolutely fantastic. I was so hesitant returning to work and placing my children into nursery 2 days a week. I went to view it and knew instantly that this was the right place. The management is excellent. The office is at the front of nursery, somebody always in and door always open. The staff are excellently trained, professional, understanding, educated, polite and most importantly demonstrate this to the children in their care. I have witnessed many absolutely excellent examples of fantastic care and sent emails to management to praise staff. The management team and staff are not only excellent with my children but also with me! I am very anxious and worry all the time the reassurance and support I have received as a parent is something I could never thank the staff enough for! This nursery doesn’t need a review you need to go and see it for yourself and you will know instantly you have made the right choice.
Natalie D
Both my kids have loved their time at Kids Planet and I couldn't recommend it more. The staff have been amazing regarding my son's asthma and allergies and I am confident he will be cared for should he need his medication in nursery. My shy reserved baby is leaving as a confident chatty boy thanks to his amazing teachers!
Nazia A
"When we drop Ida off in the mornings it is lovely that we are met by a member of staff who takes her from us. This is very reassuring and ensures we know lda is happy at nursery."
Jefferies family – Tot room