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"We have been sending our daughter to Kids Planet for about 6 months and have been really impressed. We chose this nursery due to the fact that it's a relatively new facility. It is very clean and the staff are extremely friendly. Our daughter always comes home tired due to all the activities and development she gets. Staff keep us updated both daily and at parents evening of her development and I really believe that they are interested in her development."
Since Aayush joined the toddler room he has done really well in terms of his speech and understanding - all thanks to his carers. Especially considering we consciously speak to him in a different language, he owes his English conversation skills to his learning at nursery.
The Rao Family
"We are really pleased with how quickly our son has settled into Kids Planet – he really seems to enjoy coming to nursery and he has developed a bond with his practitioners."
"Really pleased with the quality of care my son has received in this nursery. He is growing in confidence and independence and has learned so many skills. Staff are accommodating and helpful. My son is happy here and that is the most important thing to me."
We are really happy with the preschool room and the nursery in general. It is clear that Heni absolutely loves her time there, so much so that we will keep her in nursery until September even though we have moved out of the area. The room is well run and the staff seem to know and care for the children really well. Lilia loves the staff and loves the room, she is always on a real high when we pick her up and you can tell she's had a great day.
The Bornai family
The Toddler room is friendly and the children always seem to be having so much fun. The staff are always approachable and brilliant with the children.
The Green Family
"Brilliant nursery, great environment and lovely staff. It's a pleasure to drop your little one off and she says "bye bye mummy" and then runs away laughing. My little girl is growing and coming in everyday it's wonderful to know she is somewhere safe and happy."
The baby room is always very clean and welcoming. There's always a fun atmosphere and lots of great activities going on. My son loves going and has a great time. I love the way I can speak to the baby room staff about my son's interests and they tailor activities around this e.g. at the moment he loves zoo animals so in nursery they have been learning animal names and playing with animal toys. The staff are always fantastic - they are always friendly and tell us what Jamie has done, enjoyed and achieved throughout his day at nursery.
The Sharwin family
"My daughter was very nervous of other adults and wary of new environments. The Nursery Manager and Baby Room Leader worked together with me to design a suitable plan to help my daughter settle into the nursery which included taster sessions, shorter days, bringing family photographs into nursery, bringing in some of her toys and taking her out into Sale to the library and the park, places that she was already familiar with.I started to notice big changes in her confidence and she seemed happier on the days that she was in nursery. It was a big relief for me personally.Kids Planet is a very forward thinking nursery group with a focus on involving the local community in the care and opportunities they give the children under their care. Utilising the resources available locally, whilst delivering a first class stimulating environment in which to play and learn, I feel ticks all the boxes any parent could have."
From the Murray family
"Welcoming, very qualified people in what they do. My daughter and I were made to feel at ease all the time. They are very caring and efficient staff people. Staff works closely with parents throughout the progress of child'd development stages. I feel it is a safe and fun place for my toddler."