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The baby room is a safe and nurturing environment. My daughter loves going to nursery and enjoys playing there. I feel the staff are always approachable, committed and responsible.
The Ramaswamy family
"All the staff at Kids Planet Sale have made our daughter extremely welcome and she settled in immediately. The level of care and procedures are fantastic and little trips to the library, the park and the theatre (to name but a few) are a fabulous idea which our daughter truly adores. Our daughter has come on leaps and bounds in the few months since she started. Thank you so much for all the hard work and thank you for the care and education our daughter has received."
Tara & Gary
"We are really pleased with how quickly our son has settled into Kids Planet – he really seems to enjoy coming to nursery and he has developed a bond with his practitioners."
Since Aayush joined the toddler room he has done really well in terms of his speech and understanding - all thanks to his carers. Especially considering we consciously speak to him in a different language, he owes his English conversation skills to his learning at nursery.
The Rao Family
"My grandson thinks his nursery is EPIC!!!!! In his own words. It truly is - its fantastic, there's everything your child needs and loves and the staff are the best!"
The Toddler room is friendly and the children always seem to be having so much fun. The staff are always approachable and brilliant with the children.
The Green Family
"Excellent nursery. All staff are so friendly and welcoming. I'm always kept informed about my child's day - food, sleep, play accidents etc. and his day is always varied with lots of different types of play and trips out. My son is two comes home every week singing a different nursery rhyme and counting 1 - 10 and ABC! The rooms are very child friendly with lots of different areas and the sensory room and garden are great. I cannot fault this nursery."
"The nursery is brilliant. I am delighted with how my son has been received, helped to settle in and cared for since he began. There is a warm, welcoming environment and the variety of activities and resources available is amazing. My son really enjoys going there and seems so happy.The staff are so helpful and give you time to discuss anything about your child. The outdoor play area looks so much fun and I know my son just loves going out! It is fantastic how the nursery encourages parents to get involved with the development of the nursery and invites ideas and suggestions, it makes you feel that they really care what you think and truly want to make the nursery an outstanding place for all the children. I can't praise them enough."
Rebecca and Mutasim
The baby room is always very clean and welcoming. There's always a fun atmosphere and lots of great activities going on. My son loves going and has a great time. I love the way I can speak to the baby room staff about my son's interests and they tailor activities around this e.g. at the moment he loves zoo animals so in nursery they have been learning animal names and playing with animal toys. The staff are always fantastic - they are always friendly and tell us what Jamie has done, enjoyed and achieved throughout his day at nursery.
The Sharwin family
"A fantastic nursery! My baby boy goes here and he loves it - the staff are like family."