Just a note to say thank for making Rhea and Kaia's time at nursery such an enjoyable one. As you know Rhea was only 3 months old when she first joined Kids Planet and has now spent a very happy four years with you. It a quiet a wrench for me that it is now time for her to leave you and start school in September. There is so much we want to say which 'Thank You' doesn't cover. Rhea and Kaia's time with you have been very special, your attention to each has never fallen short of caring, kind and loving. Everything you have done for them, shared with them and taught them far beyond anything we had dared imagine. I think Kids Planet is absolutely amazing and cant believe we found such a warm, loving and fun-filled nursery virtually on our doorstep. Well done to you and all your outstanding team!! Thank you for everything!
Rhea & Kaia’s Mummy
“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the team at Kids Planet Warrington. My daughter has been going since she was 15 weeks and I couldn’t be any happier I picked this nursery. I tell the girls in the rooms and Nicola how much I value them all and how great they are, but I just wanted to go that little step further and let you guys know what a brilliant team you have there. Saskia loves it there, she runs up to all the girls and gives them cuddles and is so happy to see them. She talks about them all the time at home and says how much she loves them. As a mum of 3 and working full-time I do have an element of guilt that I’m not at home with Saskia, but to know how much she loves it there makes me know I have made the right choice in sending her there. Her speech is amazing, the new things she is learning I am blown away by and just how polite she is, is all down to that group of staff. If I have any problems Nicola and the girls will do all they can to help and just the way they treat the kids, it’s just brilliant. I am trying to put into words how much I appreciate the girls and how happy I am but it’s just simple really, you have an amazing group of staff and you should be very proud of them.”
Saskia’s mummy
“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in Uzair’s development at Kids Planet. Toddlers did a fantastic job with him initially with settling him in. The work that has been done with him at pre-school has been second to none and for me seeing his development has made me very happy. You should be very proud of the nursery that you have built as you have done/doing a fantastic job and I know the praise that you receive from us parents is nothing compared to the hours that you spend making sure our children are ok, so for this I want to say a massive thank you. Also I have passed my recommendations on to my friends and family for your fantastic nursery setting. Hopefully you will have some new members soon. Keep up the hard work you are doing”.
Uzair’s Mummy
“My daughter recently started this nursery. She has additional needs and the staff have amazing in making sure all her needs are met. They keep me updated daily and do activities specifically to help her development. I am really impressed. The staff are always polite, professional and always willing to help. 10/10!”
“Kids Planet provides excellent childcare, and I feel at ease when my daughter is in the care of the lovely staff. At Kids Planet they provide optimum experience for child development and we are extremely happy with our little girl being there."
Ava-Rose’s mummy
“Kids Planet Warrington have played such a big part in the development of my daughter to the point where she’s now excelling in her first year at school.”
Nicola and her team gave me and Kai so much time to adjust to our new routine and Kai was painfully shy. The girls have shown us so much patience and empathy as I was slightly sceptical as to the benefits of nursery - I realised very quickly that you guys in particular are unsung heroes. Staff are attentive to my son and all the children around them. They have recognised Kai's strengths and areas in which he could develop, and are understanding and patient with Kai's food habits - he is a fussy eater. As parents we are very much kept up to date with all changes where the nursery, the staff policies and procedures are concerned. Kai has developed so much and very quickly and I believe a big part of this is due to the staff in Tots room at Kids Planet. Kai is no longer shy and is very outgoing and displays great confidence and communication skills for his age. Going back to the start, in comparison to all the other nurseries I visited before I made our decision it was originally Nicola's empathy that stood out. A year on I would just like to thank you for your support with our wonderful little boy. It doesn't go unnoticed.
Kai’s Mummy
“Bobby has thoroughly enjoyed his time spent with such a great nursery that is full of fabulous staff. They are all wonderful and make sending children there so much easier. Thank you”.
Bobby’s Mummy
“My boy, Freddie, was 3 months premature and spent a lot of time in hospital so leaving him in nursery was hard initially, however, he loves it so much. The nursery let me know about all the little things I missed when away at work.”
Freddie’s mummy
“Brilliant nursery, our daughter has settled in great, due to the staff being fabulous with her. No issues over care, learning, eating or cleanliness. Brilliant nursery and staff in toddler care”.