At Kids Planet our nursery admission programme is done on a gradual basis before your child actually joins one of our Kids Planet Nurseries.

Our nursery visit programme allows us to introduce your child and yourself to the nursery and to the staff caring for your child.  By the time you come to take up your place at one of our nurseries, both your child and you feel totally comfortable with your nursery and its surroundings.

We recommend that a minimum of three separate visits are essential to enable your child to settle into nursery.

Our settling process would normally include:

Visit 1 Parent and child attend for 30 minutes to complete all the necessary paperwork and to discuss routines.
Visit 2 Child attends for 1 hour without parent.
Visit 3 Child attends for 1 hour 30 minutes over a mealtime without parent.

Our in-room CCTV allows parents to view their child in their new surroundings during this settling in process.

When your child starts at the nursery we also encourage parent participation and offer parents the opportunity to ‘cuddle up for lunch’ with their child.

Booking a place

Booking a place for your child at Kids Planet is very easy, there are a few different ways you can do this:

  • Speak to the Nursery Manager at one of our nurseries to arrange a visit, receive our prospectus and application form.
  • Book and pay the administration fee online via our online application form.
  • Request a prospectus from one of our nurseries.