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    Parenting or working with under 5’s? Join us each month as we explore the highs and lows of the world of parenting and #AllThingsEarlyYears.

    All Things Early Years - Kids Planet Podcasts

    Episode 29: Things I Wish I'd Known

    We’re joined by popular author and influencer Emily Norris, who is best known for addressing common parenting issues with relatable and refreshing honesty! Emily provides us with some helpful hacks for both a calm family life and a calm mind, and reveals the key things she wishes she had known before starting her own family.

    EPISODE 28: Rhythm Time

    We’re joined in this month’s podcast by musician and Sheffield-based Rhythm Time owner, Beth Winter, to discover more about the impact of music on children’s developmental, physical and mental health, how it aids bonding and connections between parents and their little ones, plus top tips on continuing sensory and movements at home!

    EPISODE 27: Funded childcare

    We’re joined by our CEO Clare Roberts to help us dissect all things current and upcoming funded childcare, including what’s available to eligible families, the funding gap and why it’s ‘funded’ not ‘free’, how Kids Planet is tackling the workforce challenge, and our ‘All-inclusive’ offering which helps families save money.

    Episode 26: Major Mum Hacks

    In this episode, we were joined by the creator of popular Instagram page ‘Major Mum Hacks’. Our guest Casey-Major-Bunce was delighted to share her simple, cost-saving parent hacks – from quick breakfasts and car journey go-to’s, to baking and much more – that she’s invented as a busy, fun-loving mum of four.

    Episode 25: Money Mum

    This month, we’re talking money saving with expert Gemma Bird – AKA MoneyMum! Gemma is a money-saving oracle, preaching the power of scrimping and saving. Gemma has turned her obsession with saving into her personal brand, sharing discounts, deals and bargains with her budget-conscious followers. Listen to get her best tips in saving money on maternity leave, how to have a fun packed family summer on a budget, and teaching kids the value of money!

    Episode 24: Bonding with Baby

    From pregnancy to becoming a new parent, we take a closer look at the unique journey of bonding with your baby. Joined by Ben Yeo, Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist from the Parent Infant Foundation, this month’s podcast delves into helpful tips and reassurance around common anxieties, communication issues, and generational and adjustment implications on not just parents but the whole family and support network.

    Episode 23: Move for May

    This month, we are exercising our minds and learning some important tips and ideas to help us all get more active in our everyday lives. Join us as we learn all about the importance of physical exercise and wellbeing for adults and children, and hear about the amazing work our Sports Coaches and teams are doing across our settings.

    Episode 22: Allergies

    In this month’s podcast, we delve into all things allergies, asthma and eczema, with the women who run local support group Stockport Allergy and Asthma Parents. From symptoms and diagnosis to living with a life-threatening condition, we learn all about their stories and how a group like this can support families in these situations.

    Episode 21: Parent Guilt

    This month, we’re joined by Counsellor and CBT Therapist Raoul Lindsay, to delve into the all too commonly felt topic of ‘parent guilt’. From worries about what our children eat (or don’t!) to screen time, Raoul talks us through why we experience parent guilt as we do, and how we can all learn to be kinder to ourselves!

    Episode 20: Bullying

    We are joined by Linda James, Founder of BulliesOut Charity, who shines a light on the sensitive topic of bullying. Linda is open and honest about her own struggles and experiences, and provides excellent insight into why bullying happens, its impact, what to look out for, and ways for families to combat it.

    Episode 19: Makaton

    This month’s podcast is all about speech and language development, and we’re thrilled to be joined by Jennifer Ellison, Makaton Tutor and founder of Little Talkers. We take a closer look at Makaton, a form of sign language which uses gestures and symbols alongside vocabulary, its benefits, and how it can be used by parents and within nursery settings.

    Episode 18 - Recruiting Men in Early Years

    Recruiting men in the early years field has its challenges, yet many benefits. We’re joined by Gill Mason, our Head of Training and Development, and Jeremy Davies, Communications Manager at The Fatherhood Institute, to discuss all things recruiting men into childcare roles and breaking down gender stereotypes.

    Episode 17 - Outdoor Learning

    We are joined by our very own Outdoor Lead, Rhiannon Scott, to dig deeper into the importance of learning and playing outdoors for little ones. From mental health and wellbeing to fostering a culture of change within nursery settings, Rhiannon tells us all about the newly designed Kids Planet Udeskole accreditation.

    Episode 16 - Managing Stress

    This Stress Awareness Month, we are joined on the podcast by Founder of training organisation Calmer, Tania Diggory, as we discuss mental health and wellbeing, in lockdown and beyond. From how to manage burnout and stress, to routines and mindfulness in a digital world, we find out more about reasons for and techniques to help both parents and children struggling with their mental health.

    Episode 15 - Special Educational Needs

    In this month’s podcast we are joined by Kids Planet’s dedicated internal SEND team (Becky Eckersley, Lauren Wilson, and Rachael Brady), alongside the award winning Early Childhood Consultant, Sue Asquith. We discuss the role of the SEND team, learn about the views of special educational needs from an Early Years SEND consultant, and delve into topics such as the impact of the pandemic on SEND in nurseries.

    Episode 14 - Nutrition

    We are joined in this month’s podcast by Jennifer Gordon, Quality Manager for Kids Planet, and Stacy Stewart, Chef at our very own Worsley Nursery, to get a taste for their roles, and chew their brains about all things meal-time and nutrition in early years. From 5-a-day, impact on sleep, and sweet-tooth cravings, to food hygiene and the essential nutrients for children, our guests served up a fantastic cocktail of takeaways!

    Episode 13 - Weaning

    Are you on the journey of getting your baby onto solid foods? In this month’s podcast, we’ve brought in top weaning experts, Sophie Baron, Founder of Mamamade, and Katie Shelton of Scrummy Tummies, to dispel common myths and give their thoughts and tips on the weaning journey. From baby readiness, to gagging vs choking, to allergies and nutrition, we’ve got it covered!

    Episode 12 - Alex Galbally

    In this month’s podcast we are joined by Alex Galbally (father to a brood of five, including three triplet girls), to discuss big families, and more specifically, raising multiples. From conception, recovery, and adapting to a family of seven, to routines, lockdown, date nights, and sibling relationships, Alex brings insight and laughter throughout as he shares his interesting journey so far.

    Episode 11 - Laura Amies

    Are you struggling to understand or manage your toddler’s behaviour? We are joined in this month’s podcast by Laura Amies, renowned nanny and childcare expert. Laura shares with us her passion and insight into common behaviour problems in toddlers, a closer look at how behaviour changes when a child begins nursery, as well as key advice on structures and tactics for parents, considering children’s different temperaments.

    Episode 10 - Mental Health

    In this episode, to coincide with World Mental Health Day, we’re chatting to Kids Planet’s Wellbeing Manager, Lucie Sweeney and Baby Gro Ltd founder Leanne Angel who runs baby yoga classes for mums and babies,  about the importance of looking after your own mental health and tips for nurturing your own wellbeing.

    Episode 9 - School Readiness

    Is your little one about to start big school? Maybe your child is ready to move into preschool? However they (and you!) are feeling about this change, we’re chatting to one of our fantastic Quality Managers and Early Years Teachers at Kids Planet. We’re dispelling some of the myths about what it actually means to be ‘school ready’ as well as offering information, advice and tips to help you through this stage!

    Episode 8 - Chris McFadden

    In this episode of All Things Early Years, we’re chatting to dad of two, Chris McFadden aka The Daddy Sleep Consultant in our eighth episode of All Things Early Years. As the UK’s first male certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, Chris shares his advice and ideas about all things sleep. For any sleep deprived parents, this one’s for you!

    Episode 7 - Men's Mental Health

    In this episode of All Things Early Years, and to coincide with #MensHealthWeek we’re chatting to Chris Whitfield from Miscarriage to Men and Stefan Edwards from Dads In Mind – two fantastic organisations offering practical and emotional advice and support for men.

    Episode 6 - Rebecca Oxtoby

    In this sixth episode of All Things Early Years episode, we’re chatting (and laughing) with Author of the Amazon best-seller and 5* rated Mum’s the Word: the sh*t nobody tells you about parenthood until it’s too late, Rebecca Oxtoby. Grab a cuppa and enjoy some honest and relatable tales of parenting!   

    Episode 5 - Sarie Taylor

    In this fifth episode of All Things Early Years, to coincide with #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we’re chatting to Anxiety Coach, Sarie Taylor. Whether you’re a new parent or a parent of a teenager, she shares her top tips for dealing with anxiety.

    Episode 4 - Men in Childcare

    In this fourth episode of All Things Early Years, we’re chatting to male childcare practitioners about their experiences working in a female dominated industry and why they think it’s so important to challenge some of the stereotypes that currently exist. Featuring Jason Holmes, Tom Ward and Carl Hathway.

    Episode 3 – Manju Bhatia

    In our third episode of All Things Early Years we chat to Mum and Founder of PoorlyBoo, an essential healthcare box for little ones, about starting a baby related business and what it’s like to be ‘Hinched’!

    Episode 2 – Hayley Tammadon

    In this second episode of All Things Early Years we chat to Actress and new mum, Hayley Tammadon about her experiences of having a baby during a pandemic and what working with the guys from Diversity was really like!

    Episode 1 – Clare Roberts

    In this first ever All Things Early Years episode, we’re joined by Kids Planet CEO and mum of three, Clare Roberts as she discusses the realities of parenthood and running a successful family business.

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