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Episode 17 – Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning’s Role in Early Childhood Growth

Welcome to our insightful discussion on the importance of playing outdoors in early childhood. In this podcast episode, we delve into insights shared by Rhiannon Scott, Outdoor Lead at Kids Planet, who brings her extensive experience and passion for outdoor education to the forefront.

We will explore how outdoor activities are not just play, but vital learning experiences that contribute to a child’s physical and cognitive development.

Before jumping into details, these are the main points of discussions:

  • What is Kids Planet’s own outdoor learning accreditation and its inception?
  • What are the ultimate goals of Kids Planet’s outdoor learning activities and how will they benefit the children?
  • Are children more likely to enjoy playing outdoors as adults if they are exposed to them early and regularly?
  • How can parents and families get involved in Kids Planet’s outdoor learning and nature-based activities?


 Rhiannon Scott’s Journey and the Evolution of Outdoor Learning at Kids Planet

Rhiannon Scott’s journey to becoming the Outdoor Lead at Kids Planet is a testament to her dedication to enhancing children’s experiences with nature. She highlights the transformative power of outdoor play in fostering well-being, resilience, and self-esteem in children. Her innovative approach led to the creation of Kids Planet’s own outdoor learning accreditation, setting new standards in early childhood education.

Rhiannon’s passion for this field is rooted in her understanding of how crucial early experiences with nature are for holistic development. Through her leadership, Kids Planet has become a pioneer in offering structured yet flexible outdoor learning environments.


The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children’s Well-being

One of the key aspects discussed in the podcast is the direct correlation between outdoor play and the well-being of children. Rhiannon notes that, just like adults, children benefit immensely from fresh air, physical activity and engaging with nature. In the great outdoors, playing and learning converge as children spend time climbing trees and exploring their surroundings.


This interaction not only releases energy, but also significantly boosts their mental health and overall happiness. Outdoor activities help children learn valuable social skills and motor skills, blending adventure with education. Also, they develop a sense of independence and creativity, as they learn to interact with their environment. Moreover, spending time outdoors is crucial in instilling a sense of respect and care for the environment from a young age.


 How Parents and Families Can Engage in Outdoor Learning

The role of parents in outdoor learning is crucial. Rhiannon emphasizes the importance of family involvement in nature-based activities. Parents who share their own outdoor experiences and encourage similar activities with their children, reinforce the connection between early exposure to nature and a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors.

This involvement strengthens the bond between parents and children. It also allows parents to observe and understand their child’s learning and development in a natural setting. Furthermore, Rhiannon encourages families to create regular outdoor routines, making nature exploration an integral part of their lifestyle.


The Future of Outdoor Learning and Its Impact on Nursery Outdoor Experiences

Looking ahead, the goal of Kids Planet’s outdoor learning initiative is to ensure that nature-based education becomes a fundamental part of every child’s learning experience. This includes integrating outdoor learning in green spaces and into daily routines. Outdoor learning is a core part of the curriculum at Kids Planet nurseries.

Rhiannon envisions a future where outdoor learning is seamlessly woven into all aspects of early childhood education, ensuring that every child has ample opportunity to grow and thrive in natural settings. She also highlights the importance of continuous innovation and adaptation in nursery outdoor learning strategies to keep pace with the evolving needs of children and the environment.


Conclusion on Outdoor Learning Activities

In conclusion, the podcast with Rhiannon Scott sheds light on the critical importance of outdoor learning in early childhood. Experiences with nature are not just beneficial but essential for the holistic development of young children.

Kids Planet’s commitment to this approach sets a promising path for the future of early childhood education. As we embrace these natural learning environments, we pave the way for a generation of children who are not only well-rounded and healthy but also deeply connected to and respectful of the natural world around them.



About Rhiannon Scott:

Rhiannon Scott serves as the Outdoor Lead at Kids Planet, where she spearheads the outdoor learning initiatives for early childhood education. Her career is grounded in a strong belief in the developmental benefits of nature-based learning.

At Kids Planet, Rhiannon has been pivotal in developing and implementing an innovative outdoor learning accreditation program. Her holistic approach emphasizes the physical, emotional, and social benefits of outdoor play. Rhiannon also plays a key role in guiding educators and parents on integrating outdoor activities into children’s daily routines.



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