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Shropshire Nurseries

Step into Kids Planet Day Nurseries in Shropshire, a haven of growth and discovery. Our nurturing environment, guided by experienced caregivers, ensures your child's joyful learning journey. With a strong emphasis on education and care, we lay the groundwork for a successful future. Join us in Shropshire for an exceptional early childhood experience, where each day is a step toward unlocking your child's potential.


Manager: Michelle Edmonds

Phone: 01743 664447


Address: Battlefield Road, Battlefield, Shrewsbury, SY1 4AN

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Lawley Nursery

Amidst the beauty of Shropshire, our spacious nursery boasts a versatile outdoor haven complete with a classroom. Enjoy ample parking and easy M54 access. Join us in nurturing your child's curiosity, as they explore and thrive in an environment designed for growth.

Manager: Sophie Lunn

Phone: 01952 630383


Address: Gresham Drive, Lawley, Telford, TF3 5ES

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