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Benefits of our all-inclusive offering for parents


5 April 2023

At Kids Planet, we are committed to listening to the needs of the families and teams at our nurseries, and we understand the pressures parents face.

That is why we made the decision to go All-inclusive and all of our nursery settings now include all nappies, baby formula and baby wipes in our fees, so all you have to do is arrive at nursery with your little one and we’ll provide the rest!

As part of our all-inclusive offering, the following brands are provided for those children who require them:

  • Pampers nappies.
  • SMA, Aptamil, and Cow and Gate formula (provided for babies up to 12 months).
  • Wipes – ultra sensitive, fragrance free, alcohol free, and PH balanced.

We have ensured our products allow us to remain committed to the environment and on looking after your little one in the best way.

How does All-inclusive help parents?

Reducing financial burden

The rise in the cost of living has impacted families, and we want to give back to the parents who trust us each day with their most treasured possession. By providing essential items such as nappies, formula, and wipes at our nurseries, it is far more cost-effective for parents and reduces the need to include these items on multiple shopping trips.

Saving time

We appreciate how busy life can be, so we’re removing the need to think about what to pack for your little one when they come to nursery! Mornings are busy enough for parents with young children and this takes away the need to organise a bag with nappies and wipes. Staff will no longer be checking children’s bags for nappies and filling nappy baskets in the mornings which will save precious time.

Promoting inclusion and equality

Not only that, but by providing the same outstanding high-quality nappies and milk for all children, we provide a welcome relief for many, and ensure to retain our commitment to inclusion within our nurseries. We want to ensure that every child is valued and treated equally and is given the opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and supportive environment.

What do our parents say?

Many parents have already welcomed this change with open arms and have thanked us for putting this into place, commenting on what a difference this will make to them:

Eve Fernyhough, parent at Kids Planet Lymm, said:

“Me and my partner now don’t have to buy double of nappies and formula when we go shopping, which is a big relief as they have also got more expensive recently. The all-inclusive offering makes leaving the house easier as I just have to pack my daughter Hallie’s clothes the night before, and I don’t have to remember the tin of formula every couple of weeks and make several trips to the car. I find we can also budget properly as we’re not having to guess how much the nursery will go through, we can just buy what we need.”

Emma Fisher, parent at Kids Planet Appleton Thorn, said:

“For me, it’s one less thing to remember on the school run! As I’ve moved further from a big supermarket, it’s a great perk to not have to make the drive as often to get nappies. It’s also a welcome change that we don’t have to walk into nursery juggling numerous bags any longer.”

Katie Cummings, parent at Kids Planet Hale, said:

“Going all-inclusive is making life much easier already as a mum of three children! It is easier to get out of the house and is well-timed with the cost of living currently. It’s amazing for parents and it feels like a real weight off my shoulders. Thank you Kids Planet.”


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