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9 November 2023

This year, there has been an exciting project underway to ensure our company values today are underpinned by our team, our families, and our children’s views, and what is truly important to them. We strive for our values to continue to represent who we are as a company today, as much as when we formed in 2008!

We worked with parents and teams to gather their thoughts and feelings about what Kids Planet means to them and were blown away by the feedback. Some exceptional words really resonated and there were some inspiring themes.

This led to the journey of hosting workshops to bring the ideas to life and landing us with our…

4 key values of CARE:


We get better every day as a team. Becoming part of Kids Planet, we welcome you into our warm, safe, and heartfelt community.

A Safe Place:

We provide a secure place for our children, colleagues, and families where people can be themselves, feel protected, and can speak up.


We are always learning, and reflecting on our practices and performance is important for our continued success. We seek advice and support and share ideas.


We are committed to delivering ‘excellence’ every day in all that we do, for our employees, parents, and children.

Clare Roberts, CEO, said:

“As Kids Planet has grown, our core values remain at the heart of everything that we do. The company was started to provide high-quality early years education and care for all children regardless of their circumstances. Our mission statement was born to reflect this, having been devised many years ago with a fantastic group from our settings who are still with us today: Working together to inspire your world. This remains our key mission and drive and we want to ensure this message continues to resonate and is underpinned by our values.”

Values and purpose are so important to reflect on particularly in a growing business and to make sure they remain at the forefront of everyone’s mind in everything we do. New colleagues, new acquisitions and our families want to know what we stand for as a company and so we felt passionately that our teams should celebrate and embrace everything that Kids Planet is about.



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