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Did you know our nurseries are now All-inclusive?

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29 March 2023

All of our Kids Planet and Kids Allowed settings provide an all-inclusive offering which means all nappies, baby formula and baby wipes are included in our fees, so all you have to do is arrive at nursery with your little one and we’ll provide the rest!

We understand how busy life can be so we’re removing the need to think about what to pack for your little one when they come to nursery! We also understand how the cost of living has impacted families and by providing nappies, formula, and wipes, and we are giving back to the families who trust us with their most treasured possession.

As part of our all-inclusive offering, the following brands are provided for those children who require them:

  • Pampers nappies
  • SMA, Aptamil, and Cow and Gate formula (provided for babies up to 12 months).
  • Wipes – ultra sensitive, fragrance free, alcohol free, and PH balanced.

What do our Nursery Manager’s say?

Quote from Cherelle Webster, Senior Manager at KIDS PLANET WOODSIDE:

“The all-inclusive offering from Kids planet is amazing for parents! Not only does it help them financially but also saves them from having to bring lots of items to the nursery. All products children need are in one place and practitioners have everything they need all day every day. Kids Planet takes into consideration parent and staff views from regular communication and feedback, such as questionnaires, emails, telephone calls, general hand over and any feedback to support. Parents and staff have reacted so positively to this and have told us that this has taken a weight from them.”

Quote from Lucy King, Nursery Manager, KIDS PLANET PRESTWICH:

“We are so happy to be becoming an all-inclusive nursery. As a family-run setting, our drive is to want to be able to support our community and this is one of the ways we can ensure we are doing this. Times are difficult at the moment, and I know this will make a huge difference in our family’s lives. Our parents have already welcomed this change with open arms and have thanked us for putting this into place, commenting on what a difference this will make to them.”

Quote from Leanne Slavin, Senior Nursery Manager, KIDS PLANET FRODSHAM:

“All-inclusive at Kids Planet is amazing and very welcomed by me and the team, especially as it encourages equality in our practice and solidifies our ethos that “no one is left behind.” Providing the same outstanding high-quality nappies and milk for all the children is a welcome relief for many, in what is currently a difficult financial climate.”

Quote from Jane Molyneux, Nursery Manager, KIDS PLANET WALLASEY:

“Here at Kids Planet, we are thrilled to be ‘All-Inclusive’. We are always prepared to go that extra mile to make life easier for our parents. Mornings are busy enough for parents with young children and this takes away the need to organise a bag with nappies and wipes.

Staff will no longer be checking children’s bags for nappies and filling nappy baskets in the mornings which will save precious time. For parents, this will be far more cost-effective now that these essentials are part of our fees and don’t have to be purchased separately. We are delighted with this new initiative that benefits everyone – as with all things relating to childcare, Kids Planet leads the way.”

Our commitment to the environment

  • Pampers has achieved a 40% decrease in nappy materials packaging over the past two decades.
  • They have reduced the weight of their nappies by over 50% over the last 30 years to help reduce the amount of waste.
  • By 2030, Pampers are committed to making 100% of their packaging recyclable and are aiming to reduce their use of virgin petroleum-based plastics in their packaging materials by 50%.

Looking after your little one

  • To ensure your baby’s sensitive skin is not irritated during their time at nursery, the mild cleansing wipes we use across all settings are PH balanced, alcohol and fragrance free, and ultra-sensitive.
  • Formula milk provides babies with the nutrients they need to grow and develop. As your child continues to grow, click here to learn more about the nutritious food we provide for your little ones in nursery.
  • Ready for weaning? Take a listen to some of our recent podcast episodes where we’re discussing weaning and nutrition during the Early Years.

We recognise that every child is different and we’re happy to work with you to ensure you and your little one is supported along your Kids Planet journey.

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