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Early Years Mental Health – supporting your children and our staff


25 May 2021

Early years mental health refers to the healthy social, emotional, and behavioural well-being of young children. At Kids Planet, we know it is important to teach all children how to make sense of their experiences, how to choose and make healthy relationships, how to tap into good influences and how to belong and how to cope.

Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships. Positive relationships are those that are warm and loving, sensitive, and responsive to a child’s individual needs.

But how do we do this at Kids Planet?

  • We provide regular routines which offer children a sense of safety, something we believe is key to helping children develop feelings of stability and security. And, when children feel safe, their confidence grows to enable them to gain skills in communication and self-control.
  • Our caring staff provide a safe and emotionally secure environment for children to grow and thrive. The strong connections they make along with their enthusiasm and warmth, ensure children in their care feel like they are being listened to, important and are available to them. Positive relationships are built on key worker relationships in our settings. Such a ‘grounding’ provides a secure base from which children can explore the world.
  • We recognise and value the importance of time spent in nature. Time spent outdoors in our nursery gardens or trips to the park supports children’s wellbeing and builds resilience which helps navigate the obstacles they encounter as they grow. We promote ‘POW’ (Pulse rate, out of breath and warmth) which encourages children to understand how their bodies feel when taking part in physical play.
  • Healthy eating helps children better manage their emotions and get a good sleep – all of which assist their learning and development. No matter what your child’s dietary requirements, we make sure they are eating delicious, healthy meals where fresh fruit is provided every day. We promote a healthy relationship with food and ensure every mealtime is a social experience in which together, we appreciate the colourful and inviting foods on the table.
  • Across our settings, we incorporate Mindful Moments, a package of fun and motivating activities, materials, and ideas to promote daily mindfulness with our children and our staff. In some settings, we hold the Butterfly Club – daily sessions which incorporate meditation, yoga, and simple breathing techniques. Other activities such as the Mindful Jar, where children “fill this with their emotions”, using coloured sand to represent each emotion, help children clear their thoughts.
  • Our employee’s health and well-being are our highest priorities.  We recognise that our teams need to be nurtured and we empower them to think creatively and offer support where needed so they have the tools to deliver outstanding childcare. We aim to create a workplace culture where each employee can thrive, meet their full potential, and feel fulfilled in their role.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with your nearest Kids Planet nursery and chat with our Nursery Managers who are always happy to discuss your child’s needs.

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