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Top Tips For Flying With Children For The First Time


6 August 2018

Flying with children for the first time can be an exciting experience — one that everyone might remember for the rest of their lives. But, it can also be a stressful time when routines get disrupted and boredom sets in.  If you’re heading away to sunnier places this summer,  here are our top ten tips for making flying with little ones that tiny bit easier:

1. Pack a spare T-shirt in your hand luggage – everyone takes spares for the baby, but if they’re sick on the flight, you’ll be grateful for a change of clothing yourself!

2. Take an empty water bottle and ask the flight attendant to refill whenever you or your children are thirsty.

3. Pack plenty of activity, sticker and colouring books to keep them occupied.

4. Buy a couple of cheap little new toys to hide in your bag and whenever they get bored give them a brand-new distraction.

5. The number of germs on planes makes baby wipes and hand sanitiser a must.

6. Invest in a portable DVD player or tablet and remember to charge it fully before you leave!

7. Take a small pillow for them to sit on so they can see out of the window easily.

8. Offer foods that take longer to eat to occupy them for longer. Whilst sweets are a great bribe, trying to keep a child in their seat once they’ve eaten an excessive amount of sugar can present a challenge! Raisins, oatcakes, grapes and cherry tomatoes all contain natural sugars.

9. For babies, keep a dummy close by to ease with the pressure in their ears when taking off and landing.

10. To avoid losing beloved toys or scrambling to chase after ones that fall on the floor, tie a piece of string to each one and attach the string to the armrest or tray table.

As always, we’d love to know your top tips for travelling abroad with children so feel free to check out our Facebook page where you can share your ideas.

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