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In The Moment Planning at Kids Planet


14 September 2021

At Kids Planet we incorporate the concept of ‘In the Moment Planning’. If you’ve heard the term but are unsure what it means, read on!

As parents, the concept of ‘In the Moment Planning’ is likely to be something you are already naturally doing.  Each time you listen to your child you might be thinking about how to respond. That response is planned in the moment. In the moment planning is all about seizing that moment and supporting the child immediately.

Put simply it is, ‘observing and interacting with children as they pursue their own interests and moving the learning on in that moment’.

In this way, real child-initiated play is not imposed by adults with a plan of what they feel the child should be doing and learning. Instead, it is spontaneous and feels right to the child. It can’t be pre planned because we don’t know what the children will initiate!

In the moment, children are fully engaged and often learn best when they are following their own interests.  In The Moment Planning encourages and supports learning.

What is the role of the adult in In the Moment Planning?

  • Watch
  • Observe
  • Extend learning
  • Build on interests
  • Teach
  • Role model
  • Wait for the child to initiate interaction with you
  • Know your child!

Take a look at some of these wonderful examples of In The Moment Planning that have taken place across our settings:


Circle time included speaking about the rain. In the garden, children then became very excited about the puddles they could splash in. It was suggested to the children to make their own puddles, they choose the colour, added the water, added the glitter and created big splashes by jumping!


After enjoying listening to the classic Tale of Benjamin Bunny from Beatrix Potter, the children used vegetables and natural loose parts to create their our own versions of Mr McGregor’s garden. Arranging their own vegetable patches and making patterns with pepper and cucumber baton’s, they even made paths with some wooden pieces and pebbles. The children also spoke about how they would use home grown vegetables as part of a meal, and which vegetables the naughty rabbits would like to eat most!


A child wanted to take care of the baby dolls by attempting to put a nappy on the baby. A staff member firstly modelled how to put the nappy on the baby which the child was able to follow really well. The child really enjoyed taking care of the baby dolls showing care giving experiences by pretending to change, clean and rock them to sleep!


Children had been enjoying pretending to make cups of tea in the home corner. The activity was extended by putting real tea into teapots and then practising pouring the tea into cups!

If you’re interested in finding out more about In The Moment Planning, please get in touch with our Nursery Managers at your nearest Kids Planet nursery. 




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