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Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week


15 May 2018

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and here at Kids Planet, we are proud to support the wellbeing of both our children and staff.

We recently introduced myHappyMind to all our nurseries. Its award-winning programme of lessons, stories and games encourage our children to develop positive habits around mental health, from understanding how their brains work to learning basic stress management techniques.

Through myHappyMind, our children are learning how to develop calmer, happier and more resilient mindsets which will serve them well beyond their time at nursery.

With increasing numbers of mental health referrals for children and adults alike, it is clear that as a society we need to be proactive about our wellbeing.

At Kids Planet, we are passionate about supporting both our children and staff to reach their highest potential, and we will continue to invest in their futures.

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