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Mental Health Staff Experiences


21 May 2020

At Kids Planet we believe that everyone should thrive in the workplace. We try to be proactive and recognise that having a fulfilling job with purpose and lots of opportunities can be good for our team’s mental health and general wellbeing. We feel that by creating a culture that supports mental health through openness and honesty helps our staff feel more supported at work. Just like any workplace issue, the first step in addressing mental health is education, that’s why we provide managers with training, information and resources which helps them better recognise signs and symptoms of mental health to be able to be supportive and more equipped to have those sensitive conversations with their team and encourage staff to reach out. We have trained MHFA Mental Health First Aiders on hand to offer support, whether its advice on wellbeing practices, alternative therapies or mindfulness or even signposting in a crisis.

We are so proud of our staff for sharing their experiences and struggles during lockdown and the effects of how COVID-19 has had upon their lives:



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