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Training Academy awarded funding for apprentice development

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23 May 2023

The Kids Planet Training Academy is delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding through The Education and Training Foundation programme fund Apprenticeship Workforce Development.

The collaborative project’s focus is on how best to prepare learners/apprentices for End Point Assessment and is working in partnership with Seren Skills Network, College But Different and Professional Apprenticeships.

The Project

This project is about the skill development needed to ensure that End Point Assessments (EPA) are successful first-time round, and that apprentices are fully prepared to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Kids Planet Academy will be delivering the project over the next six months, carrying out primary research (such as observations, interviews and surveys) with tutors, learners and a special focus on employer involvement in EPA.

The team will then be analysing the information to spot trends and patterns. All of the findings will be shared on the ETF website and we will produce some handy guides for learners, employers and tutors.

The project has two strands. The first is gaining an understanding of how to best prepare learners for EPA throughout the length of their programme and what strategies tutors, learners and employers find the most effective.

The second is around the most effective assessment and feedback methods that can be used to embed and develop these skills throughout the course, and how feedback and feedforward are used.

Gill Mason, Head of Training and Development at Kids Planet:

“We are extremely proud to have been awarded this project bid as the only group of Independent Training Providers. We want this project to look through the lens of the learner in order to construct the best possible approaches to End Point Assessment. This project aims to highlight best practice in the sector and improve outcomes for apprentices.”


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