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Top Tips For Weaning Your Baby


9 May 2018


It’s a big step for your baby and can take time and patience but sometime between 4 and 6 months of age, you’ll see start to see the signs that it’s time for your baby to try some real food. If you’re just starting out, we’ve put together our top weaning tips to help you through!


  1. Put a big wipe clean mat or old shower curtain under the chair – babies like to throw, spill and lose most of their meals
  2. Food is all about experimenting and learning – try not to rush meal times and be patient, your baby will get there in the end!
  3. Let them take control by allowing them to play with the spoon – it’s all part of the learning game.
  4. Whenever you can, try and eat together or ask big sisters/brothers to help – sitting around together as a family is important in developing your baby’s social skills
  5. Forget bowls, remember it’s all a learning experience and at this stage, your baby will be getting nutrition from milk so don’t worry if most of it ends up on the floor!
  6. Try to feed your baby when she is a little bit hungry but not ravenously so. Time meals between milk feeds so your baby doesn’t get too stressed from feeling hungry.
  7. Babies are born with four times as many taste buds as adults so no need to add salt or sugar to their first solid foods.
  8. A baby needs to try a taste or flavour 12 times before they know they like the food so don’t be put off by facial expressions!
  9. Offer a variety of foods but don’t overwhelm with too many in one go.
  10. And finally, take photos, it’s just a phase and like everything else, won’t last forever!


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Happy weaning!


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