Kids Planet launch Mindful Moments initiative

In a busy world where it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed, learning how to connect to our own inner source of calm is good for us and our children. Mindfulness is all about noticing what is happening right now.  And, by bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment, mindfulness allows children to:

  • reconnect with their bodies and know what is going on inside and outside themselves.
  • recognise and deal with thoughts and feelings and have an awareness of the thoughts and feelings of those around them.
  • build resilience; a skill both children and adults need to deal with their life experiences.

Mindfulness can be part of a child’s everyday practice and will help them explore their mind, body and relationships now and in the future.

At Kids Planet, we have compiled Mindful Moments, a package of fun and motivating activities, materials and ideas to promote daily mindfulness with our children and our staff.  If you’d like to know more about Mindfulness and how we are using our Mindful Moment initiative across our nurseries, talk to a Mindful Messenger – members of staff in every setting who we have been trained to lead mindfulness practice.