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Greenbank Park Balloon Release

Greenbank Park

4 February 2016

Greenbank Park Day Nursery had a balloon release this morning, the children let off around 100 red and pink balloons.

Greenbank Park balloon release Feb16 Greenbank Park Day Nursery Christmas Fair Dec 15


Parents were invited to the stay and play session where the children wrote messages on the balloons and also decorated them. Little cards were also attached to each balloon asking people who found them to contact the nursery to see how far the balloons made it. The children also made cards and gifts.

The children said:

“I think my balloon will go to Australia,” said Florence.

“We sent our balloons to the sky to people we love,” said Emily.

“I love my mummy, daddy, Isabella and ozzy dog,” said Lola.

“We sent them floating because it is hearts day,” said Blake.

Greenbank Park balloon release Feb16 Greenbank Park balloon release Feb16


Some of the parents/carers that came along said:

“It was the first stay and play session I had come to in three years and it was lovely it was nice to see both boys”.

“It was such a lovely idea, a good start to my day”.

“I’ve had a fantastic morning”.

“Thank you so much for organising this. Was a really lovely opportunity to come along and play with my boys this morning and lovely to see how much fun everyone was having!”


Greenbank Park balloon release Feb16 Greenbank Park balloon release Feb16


So far we have had balloons travel to Oldham and Bolton! If you see one of our balloons please contact the nursery and let them know


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