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Our Fazakerley Nursery Have Green Fingers


9 June 2016

Kids Planet The Cottage have been going green in the local community. The nursery have linked with Croxteth Park and The Friends of Croxteth Hall & County Park to get the children and staff involved in creating a Wildflower Garden within Croxteth Park.

Kids Planet The Cottage Wildflower Garden

The children sowed wildflower seeds in the specially designated area. They mixed the seeds with sand and sprinkled the seed mixture within the turf. By taking part in this project the children have linked with the Early Years Foundation Stage by creating the plot which will attract insects and wildlife to the area as well as many educational aspects. The children planted eleven different flower species including Evening Primrose, Field Scabious, Lady’s Bedstraw and more. The children also enjoyed a picnic in the park afterwards.

Chris Lines, Information Officer Sport and Outdoor Recreation (Parks and Greenspaces) for Liverpool City Council, said “We had a marvellous morning with the children from Kids Planet The Cottage Nursery and their families at Croxteth Country Park on Saturday 18th June.  The children worked together with volunteers from the Friends of Croxteth Hall and Country Park to create a new Wildflower Glade in the Park.  Eleven different species of wildflowers were sown, which we hope will make a colourful contribution to the park for years to come and create a valuable habitat.  As well as being fun, a memorable experience like this provided by the nursery will have taught children a lesson about their local environment and how to conserve it for the future.  Well done to all involved!”

Kids Planet The Cottage Wildflower Garden Kids Planet The Cottage Wildflower Garden Kids Planet The Cottage Wildflower Garden


Claire-Louise Beyga, from The Friends of Croxteth Hall & Country Park, said “Working with Kids Planet The Cottage, the children and parents has been great. With help from the Friends of Croxteth Hall and Country Park we have been able to help them create a wonderful wildflower garden within the park. This will hopefully bring lots of other wildlife to the area as well”.

Rachel McGivern, nursery manager said “A big thank you to all the children, staff and their families who attended the planting. The nursery is delighted to be a part of a project that is going to add to the natural beauty of Croxteth Hall Park. We are looking forward to visiting the site and seeing it change and develop”.

Kids Planet The Cottage is located on the corner or Field Lane and Copplehouse Lane in Fazakerley. From babies through to pre-school, the nursery is open Monday to Friday 7am till 6pm. For more information contact Rachel McGivern on 0151 293 0384 or

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Kids Planet The Cottage Wildflower Garden

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