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Discover Kids Planet Day Nurseries in Stockport! We are dedicated to providing a stimulating and secure environment where children can flourish. With our team of experienced professionals, your child's early years will be filled with fun, exploration, and learning. Choose high-quality childcare with Kids Planet for a nurturing and educational journey that sets the foundation for a successful future.


Our Adswood nursery in Stockport provides a supportive environment for children to explore and learn. With experienced educators and well-equipped facilities at our Ofsted Outstanding nursery, your child will thrive in a space that encourages curiosity and creativity.

Manager: Amy Atherton

Phone: 0161 483 3500


Address: 120 Garners Lane, Stockport SK3 8QW, UK

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Surrounded by the charm of Davenport, our daycare near Stockport offers a warm and inclusive space for children to flourish. With a focus on building strong foundations in early literacy and numeracy, we prepare children for future academic success.

Manager: Natalie Littlewood

Phone: 0161 476 0767


Address: Kids Planet Davenport, Heath Road, Davenport, Stockport SK2 6JJ, UK

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Discover our nursery in Stockport, dedicated to providing a safe and inspiring space for your children's early years. With a focus on individualised attention and engaging facilities, we foster a love for learning and exploration.

Manager: Jenna Lewis

Phone: 0161 2411239


Address: Kids Allowed Stockport, Buxton Road, Heaviley, Stockport SK2 7AA, UK

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Heaton Mersey

Heaton Mersey Nursery in Stockport offers a caring and supportive environment where children can grow and thrive. Our experienced childcare educators create a nurturing space for children to develop essential skills and build meaningful connections.

Manager: Nicola Tott

Phone: 0161 222 6151


Address: Battersea Rd, Heaton Mersey, Stockport SK4 3EA, UK

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